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  • Layman Follower - Excellent Book, but questionable read via KindleI'm a fan of the author, Amity Shlaes. Her "The Forgotten Man" is a wonderfully written American historical classic. "Coolidge" is equally well presented, and easy to read, deserving of equally high marks.

    Calvin Coolidge has been unfairly rediculed for many decades. Unfortunately, this criticism has taken on a bit of life of its own, coming from people who really know nothing about the man, nor how he governed. He has always deserved a better clarification of his tenure in the office of the presidency, his discipline and his biography. The examples of discipline to governance by law and acountibility are relevant to the challenging times of today.

    I see this book as a "must read", yet easy to read, biography of a now misunderstood leader and of the environment of those times during which he led.

    I highly recommend this book, but not by Kindle. The Kindle version that I received is on a very small font, totally inconsistent with the font size I've set for all other books and publications. I can change the font for this book, but when I transfer to another book or periodical I must reset the font size yet again from what is now way too large, back to the established normal setting. This became frustrating. I called for assistance, which Amazon pleasantly tried to give, but they, too, finally just gathered that the established font by the publisher was set at a smaller than usual size.

    You'll like the book....a lot, but not by Kindle, if all of the Kindle distribution is the same as mine.
  • MohaMAD - Mitt's BinderThank you, thank you my fellow Americans and, or course women. Eight months ago when I began my mission to be the future President of the United States' personal binder I knew, without a doubt, I was in the right hands. Today I express my gratitude for Mitt allowing me on this national stage. From my "white" plastic cover to my secure metal binder rings I share your appreciation for my contents. Within me there are pictures and names of women whom I'm sworn to never disclose to Ann Lois. To her my contents are the Golden Tablets. Golden Tablets never to seen by women but I, the official "White" binder, assure you no women photographed, photo shopped, undressed in my pages ever said NO to Mitt. Not one woman said, "Mitt, I have to leave to cook my family's dinner. Not one women with a 48 and above chest size said I am under paid. Not one woman in these pages want personnel birth control paid as a health insurance benefit. Every woman contained within my "White" binder covers agrees with everything Mitt allows them to agree with. One more thing, I personally wish to thank Mitt for having select few "Qualified" women. Without this courtesy I would be replaced by a Chinese IPad counterfeit. My name's Mitt's Binder - purchase me.
  • Hammie1985 - Different, but goodI actually like it. Don't listen to those 1 star reviews. It takes a few minutes to get used to, but I'm over that now and most of it is second nature to me when computing. Even my wife is used to it and she doesn't know a whole lot about computers.
    I'm a fan of the Start screen over the menu. It's easier to navigate through for me. The apps are definitely handy. I love the Netflix app.
    Even if you don't like it, you can still navigate through everything in desktop mode. Just hit the Windows key to switch between the two.
    Make sure you stop at Microsoft's website and grab your free Media Center product key before it's too late!

    I can't wait until the parts for my new media center pc comes in the mail so I can install Win 8 Pro on it as well!!

    I hope my review helps!
  • Bill King - We all have our favorite novelists.My five are not your's.

    Jane Austen.
    Charles Dickens.
    E.M. Forster
    William Faulkner.
    Cormac McCarthy.

    Austen was the first real novelist.

    I'll be damned I thought Faulkner was the last until... The Road.

    I doubt you will agree with my choices, you shouldn't, ...but perhaps McCarthy might make your top 100?...

    Please Look Inside.

    The book is cheap, what have you to lose (besides your online reputation) :) ?

    I'm just glad I lived this long...
  • DawnD - Coulnd't put it downStarted this book one evening after dinner and was unable to stop reading until I finished it at 1:30 AM. Absolutely a page-turner. And the huge plot twist she throws in near the end shocks you like nothing else. Wow. I'm sure this book will make the rounds quickly among my reading-addicted friends and family. Highly recommended.