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  • Five 28 - This stuff is great!I started suffering from stomach ailments including nausea, diarrhea, bloating and queasiness back in about 2003. This went on for a few years and I was diagnosed with a polyp in my gallbladder by my doctor. He recommended surgery. A second opinion with a specialist also pointed to surgical gall bladder removal. I wasn't convinced though, so I suffered with these symptoms for a few more years until I went to see a gastroenterologist at Rush University Medical center in Chicago. This doctor said he saw many patients after they had their gall bladders removed coming to him with the same symptoms that lead them to have the surgery in the first place. He ordered a hydrogen breath test and I was diagnosed with an overabundance of bad gut bacteria. I was put on a regimen of antibiotics and after two weeks, started taking Align which the doctor recommended after I completed the antibiotics. After another few weeks, all of my symptoms went away completely. I have continued taking Align since then and it has been about four years now. I will continue to use this product, as it keeps me feeling normal. Align is a great product. I only wish I had known about the importance of good gut bacteria when my symptoms started. It would have saved me a lot of money and years of feeling awful each day.
  • j eaves - Works if you do it as explainedI live by this book now and it has changed my life forever. I had to change up the two protein heavy days by putting in some brown rice, even if just a little. My friend experienced terrible side effects on those days. A body builder told me that is how he eats and occasionally he has to put in some carbs to keep from being really tired, crabby and (for my part) confused. My thinking and response time was slower on those days. I was starving each time it was time to eat. My doctor changed it up for me, as I have been losing the amount shown and am in my second time through the process. It took off belly fat for me the first time through. I feel much better. Not having any bread is very hard at times but seems to be good for me. I read wheatbelly and grainbrain and think there isn't anything healthy about bread these days.
  • Mr. A. P. Patchett "Snatch709" - Kindle 3 gI have only had the Kindle 3G for a few days, and wow, the screen is excellent. I am a die hard and thought the transfer from real books to electronic would be hard, but its just like reading a real book and I have loads of the free ones on it from Amazon,dowloaded using whispernet the 3g service, as i was at work and could not access WIFI.

    I was torn between the wifi and 3 G version,the 41 difference, and eventually went for the 3G version, as I know sometime somewhere i won't be able to find a hotspot. Only the other day I did some telephone banking, yes it is slower than a PC but its a book reader, with the ability to access the internet anytime anywhere which will be helpful when needed. 41 for free 3G access is cheap when you consider a mobile phone bill these days. I even looked up a place on google maps using 3g so have got my use out of it already.

    Now I am converted to the device, after reading all my free stuff I will be buying books. Don't let anyone put you off about the mobi format, and its inability to read e pub files, compared other readers. Software such as Calibre which is free converts downloaded books to Kindle format. It is certainly not restricted, ive converted a few from other free sites with no problems.

    Go buy one , its an amazing concept.
  • Andrew - Simple install/enewal - Great productNorton Internet Security was preinstalled on my computer, so when the trial ran out, I tried to find the cheapest way to renew it. Norton itself charges about $50 (you can also try looking for a coupon code online), but I paid just about half that here on Amazon. I didn't have the CDs shipped, because all I needed was the code. Be aware that purchasing a new code does not add to the current subscription that you already have; it overwrites it. It's best to wait until the last few days of your subscription before entering a new code to make the most of it. Otherwise, this is a great product and it's the only anti-virus/firewall system that I will probably ever rely on. Thank you Amazon!
  • Stephanie A. French - Wow! Radical is right on!Not a book for the bedside table! Thought-provoking and challenging, I found myself pausing now and again to really digest it. Honestly, I was surprised to see myself on the pages of this book... I'm guilty of some of Platt's criticisms. David Platt highlights the early ministry of Jesus as he called his disciples to radical and life-altering decisions to follow him. Too often we minimize the cost of following Christ for the sake of adding numbers. This book has changed the way I see salvations happening in my ministry. No more A, B, C's ... From now on I'm talking believe and obey Jesus. We must live the life he calls us to, not some safe and comfortable and often boring version of it. Platt challenges his readers to radical sacrifice. It's about time Christians in America get kicked out of the lazyboy and into the electric chair with insatiable desperation for the Good News.