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  • D. Hobby "dhobby" - Feeling "Threatened" or "Surrounded"?Arm you an armed, law enforcement officer -- with a helmet, face shield and body armor?

    Do you feel "threatened" when "surrounded" by a group of seated, peaceful protestors?

    Do you think a badge and a gun gives you the right to lift up your leg and pee on the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States?

    Why merely step over those peaceful, seated students when you can spray the crap out of them with a Defense Technology 58695 MK-9 Stream pepper spray blaster?

    Yes, that's right. You'll be the envy of all of your jack-booted thug friends when you deal out some major pain and suffering to people who have the nerve to exercise their right to peaceful protest in Amurca. Be a YouTube hit! Become a meme! With a little luck, you could even become the world-wide poster boy for fascism.

    Supplies are limited! Act fast!
  • Nita Parker - My 1st tablet & I'm in love!Before I purchased this tablet I researched which 1 I wanted. This was the most reasonable for me in my price range. I LOVE my tablet! It's fast & the WiFi on it is great, absolutely no complaints!
  • magnus - I dont want to take them off.I live in a warm climate and normaly only like to use flip flops.
    I bought the shoes mainly for walking the dog but when i have them on i dont want to take them off again.
    They are the most confortable shoes i ever tried.
    Will definately buy another pair.
    Fits greate barefoot.
  • Snow Angel - Great product!I have purchased Blue Sky Looney Tunes Deskpads for the past 6 years. LOVE the paper that is used. You can write on it with a pen or pencil and it's heavy enough if a drop of water gets on it it doesn't ruin it completely if you wipe it up right away. (I've done this before several times). It will crinkle the paper though, but not terrible unless you let it sit for too long (happened and I didn't realize it). I use my desk every day and I am very happy with the quality of this deskpad.
  • Doug Eddins - Just fine for meI have seen people posting about their comps being very slow after install. I have not had this problem. Program works just fine for me. Seems to give good all the way around protection... Tune up tools work as they should as well. Download and install was very simple. Would recommend. Thanks!