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  • PorkChop "AnyPorkInAStorm" - What a difference this makes!I had a 32" Sony Bravia which was trouble from the word GO. The screen would freeze intermittently which was the biggest problem. I'd purchased the Sony for my living room and it turned out to be too small. Fast forward three years later to present day and the LG 42". I was just looking for a basic TV, where I could hook up a DVD player and the cable box. I don't need 3-D and other peripherals.

    I'd expected to be able to see from a further distance (12') but this TV exceeded my expectations.

    My condo is open-plan with living/dining/kitchen, so I opted to wall-mount the TV with a swivel. Wow, didn't expect to be able to see 16' feet away in the dining area, or in the kitchen, 10' to the side. Just turn that swivel about about 50 degrees and it gives perfect viewing.

    I'm not using all the SMART features as of yet, but I'm just enthralled with the clarity and color intensity of this product.

    I paid someone to come and install this and it was worth every penny. The screen itself weighs about 35-40 lbs, so no way could I have an done this myself.

    I'm hoping this TV will last me several years (at least as long as my last tube TV, 14 years) - I don't buy every new gadget so again, I expect the LG to be around for awhile.

    --------------Update November 25, 2013---------------

    This TV has been terrific - also I added an Apple TV since I have a Netflix account and it's so great to watch movies and programmes.

    One thing I didn't know about installing an Apple TV is that I needed wi-fi, so had to purchase a router (Cisco for @ $50.00, recommended by my IT department at work). That was easily installed.

    Some have complained about the sound quality but I've yet to experience any issues.
  • Phyllis Mason - It works if you take the right amount each day.I saw results taking 9 pills a day! I would like it better if I only took one pill a day.
  • dranger - Results...YesI work out 5-6 days per week, cardio and resistance, but because of my schedule, I find it hard to work out my abs. This is a great product that you can really feel working. I especially feel the flex and soreness in my obliques. Understand the price is a little high for a device. However, the results will change your mind. The pads wear a little faster than advertised. But in the end, you'll feel the results from this device. Keep in mind though that in order to see your abs, you will need to get your bodyfat down to 10% or less. Still, your core muscles will be stronger. And you can do all this by watching football on your couch.