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  • Ted Martinson - QuickBooks for Mac 2012 is great!When talking about QuickBooks for Mac 2012, the first place to begin is the ease of use for the end user. I'm no trained accountant by any stretch, but I found it incredibly simple to jump into QuickBooks and have begin tracking my company's finances in no time flat.

    Granted, it being simple would be relatively insignificant if it weren't comprehensive as well, and there's no shortage of functionality that covers all the bases I need for my business. Cost tracking, employee payroll (built right into the application), invoice management, inventory management, you name it, it's all here.

    Side note: as a long-time Mac user, often disappointed (to put it lightly) with Intuit's treatment of Mac users on the Quicken side of things, don't let similar concerns sway you. QuickBooks for Mac, is a well-developed, comprehensive and closely-supported application. The true gem of Intuit's Mac products, and likely the only product you need to service your business accounting needs on your Mac.
  • Shawn Smallwood "Shawn" - I did not profusely poop on myself idk why all you people did~I bought this product to test out on my supervisors at work in high hopes that they would eat it, and crap themselves. As a man with a conscience I had to test out this product first to see if it lived up to the reputation that others had perceived it to be. So I ate about 15 gummy bears…. and I did not all of the sudden become a born again Christian praising the toilet gods with my foul holy brown water. I had a regular typical day hahaha. So… to test this out even more I sat down with the huge bag, and munched away to my hearts content watching movies. Four hours later…I still haven't pooped myself. I must have the most amazing stomach ever, or everyone else should go see a doctor hahahahaha. I find this even more amusing because I am a health nut, and generally do not eat crap like this…as I said it was purchased to bring to work for the office for a****** to eat. I'm still going to bring it to work in high hopes that my supervisors will crap themselves, as their stomachs probably are not as amazing as mine!
  • Robert M. Kerwin - Nothing says "I love you" like a pack o' pretty pensRealizing how badly I messed up my wife's last birthday, I decided I wasn't gonna make the same mistake again. Honestly, I thought she'd love the reciprocating saw--I sure would have! I searched high and low, looking for the perfect gift. Flowers, perfume, chocolates, jewelry...bah! Nothing really seemed special enough for my honey. Then one day I was at the bar throwing back a few beers and shooting pool with the guys, when one of my friends told me about these. I went home and right away ordered a pack. You shoulda seen the look on her face when she unwrapped these pens! Thanks, Bic, for saving me from another night on the couch!
  • Heavens - Don't miss this bookAfter being incredibly sick for two years, I tried this diet and within three weeks had relief from almost all of the terrible Crohn's disease symptoms I had been experiencing. Symptoms that the medications had never been able to get rid of. That was twelve years ago. Progress continued as I continued the diet. It saved my life. Absolutely, positively saved my life. Two other members of my immediate family have Crohn's disease, yet will not stick to this diet. One of them has been resectioned FIVE times; the other chronically ill and heavily drugged. Meanwhile, my latest colonscopy shows NOTHING yet again. There are great cookbooks for this diet now...there weren't when I started. And I have been following the diet as a vegetarian. If you think sticking to this diet is difficult, trying being resectioned...or worse.

    UPDATE: 8/13 After being on the diet for many, many years, I slowly reintroduced different foods. Some SCD dietary changes I made permanent and some things I allowed back in my diet. I now pretty much have an unrestricted vegetarian diet,but modified from what it was before. For instance, when I make lemonade, I use lemons, water and honey instead of sugar. When I make muffins, they're still the SCD recipe from the original book. Still make my yogurt. When I make ice cream, I use SCD yogurt. So even though I eat lots of things I didn't when I was on the diet, I've also maintained some core elements. Keep in mind that I was on the diet many years before adding things back. Had my colonoscopy this week and once again, totally clear. I remain very grateful.