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City: 48917 Lansing, Michigan

  • Pet Photog - Outstanding wide angle lensThis lens is extremely versatile and very sharp. I bought one for personal use and liked it so much that I bought one for my office. I have used it to photograph interiors of buildings and even cars. It goes very wide. I looked at competing lenses before buying the Canon, but I'm very happy with my choice.

    The downside is that this lens only works on some Canon bodies. I like the lens so much that I plan to keep a camera specifically so I can use this lens for many, many years.
  • Joyce - Absolute must have!I was very skeptical buying this because so many of the positive reviews I had seen on student doctor network were bashed as DAT Destroyer workers. But Kaplan books and Crack the DAT just weren't boosting my practice scores, so I decided to go on a limb and just buy this. Best decision ever. The practice questions were definitely harder than the real thing, but being able to do the practice ones boosted my understanding of the material so much better! There are a ton of questions, and it looks overwhelming, but stick with it. I had about a month and 1/2 of study time and I managed to go through the book twice, and I studied after work and on Saturdays. Go through all the material in a review book and then test your knowledge with the destroyer. Give yourself time to review the wrong answers and the right ones you got by guessing. I especially loved the math explanations, because that was my weakest point in studying.

    The cost can be a little expensive for the book, but you can buy used and I saved money on other books like Kaplan and Princeton Review by checking them out from the library.

    Overall, give it a shot. DAT is a test you only want to take once, so study for it with everything available.
  • T. C. Jones - a necessityI've been using this product for over 6 years and highly recommend it to all that want to flush all the left over bits of food from between their teeth. I brush and floss at night and still this product finds something I missed. Yes it is not perfect, a bit noisy,but what a small price for much cleaner gums and teeth. Add a small amount of mouthwash and it's great for a fresh mouth feel.