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  • ColeeB - Great product for mild breakoutsI had never had a problem with acne until my late 20's when I started getting a lot more breakouts. It was enough to become frustrated with and my normal face wash was not fighting the breakouts. I wanted to do something about it and decided to try Proactive. Our local mall has a Proactive machine where you can purchase the 3-step or individual bottles (thus making life easier and not having to go through their website). It has worked wonders and I have not had any of the problems that people have reported. It makes my skin feel great and it keeps pimples from appearing. AGAIN, I was not suffering from severe acne, but for those problem breakouts, it works great.
  • KReed - It really, really worksI've tried many probiotics over the years, and this is the first one that I can confidently say WORKS! My stomach has always been a 'war zone' and I feel so much better since starting the Align regimine. I do still take a digestive enzyme if I'm consuming dairy. However, I need fewer enzyme pills since Align. I have also found that Amazon has the best deal. I'm currently paying about $12 less per box than if I bought my my favorite store with a 'red bullsey:)'