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City: 87102 Albuquerque, New Mexico

  • A. Dobrynin "Aloysius" - The leading edge of the future of TV entertainment....If you are a member of Amazon Prime, and have high-speed internet - you REALLY should have this amazing little box for watching High-Def movies on demand from Amazon and many other pay-on-demand sources if you like. It also supports Hulu and Netflix, so if you have those services, the Roku 3 is perfect for you too. -- The remote works perfectly and the remote even has a headphone jack on it, which mutes the TV when you hook up earphones. That is just way-cool - haven't seen that on any other remote. And, the Roku 3 has a USB port so you can insert a USB drive and use it's contents as your viewing source - like home movies, etc.

    What's weird is we are supposed to be getting High-Def channels with our cable service, and I thought that's what we were getting -- until I hooked up the Roku 3 using the HDMI output. The first Amazon Prime HD movie we watched, the Roku 3 picture definition was incredibly sharper than what we are getting from the High-Def cable box which is using the other HDMI input on the TV. We watched other Amazon Prime HD movies and the results were the same; the difference in picture definition is startling. So, I tested it to make sure it wasn't something else causing the difference. I switched the HDMI cables between the two boxes and the results were the same. Then I swapped the devices to use the HDMI input on the TV that the other one was using, and the results stayed the same. The difference in definition is not due to accessory equipment - it is directly due to the difference in the Roku 3 signal as compared to the so-called High-Def cable signal.

    Bottom line: if you have Amazon Prime or other internet service subscriptions, the Roku 3 will definitely be worth your while. I highly recommend it.
  • Jenna Miller - Best moisturizer ever! I finally have a glow to my skin!I LOVE this moisturizer. I have tried everything from drugstore products to department store products to pricey creams like Dr. Perricone...but hope in a jar is the best! It is light and absorbs quickly. My skin is clear, smooth, and finally has the healthy glow I've always wanted. I LOVE the scent. It smells fresh, clean, and natural, with a base of Lavender....which is one of my favorite scents. I guess some people either just don't like the scent of lavender, don't appreciate NATURAL fragrances or have never smelled lavender before, by reading the reviews. I love the scent, so for me, it's the icing on the cake. This moisturizer is perfect! (And I consider myself to have sensitive skin) Love, love, love!!!
  • klax37 - My favorite baby product!I LOVE this stroller. I love this stroller so much, that even though my son is now 12 weeks old and I've used the stroller nearly every day since he was born, every time I use it I find myself exclaiming, "I'm so glad we got this stroller!" Yes, it's an expensive stroller, but it's amazing!

    Best features:
    Parent-facing. I love that my baby can face me instead of facing out. Initially I was sold on this for the parent-baby interaction. Walking with your baby is such a great time to talk and explore! Having the baby face you also reduces the risk of over-stimulation. Recently, I also saw a new study that showed that forward-facing strollers can create anxiety in babies before they have established object permanence. Still, I realize that one day my little guy may want to face the world, so I love that I can easily flip the seat!

    Bassinet. It didn't take long for my son to reject the bassinet because he wanted to be more upright and be able to see around, but I LOVED it when he was a newborn.I felt like he was so much more protected and sheltered in this when I took him out when he was really little. People love babies, but you don't really want them sticking their noses in your newborn's face. The bassinet really prevented that. Love that it was included instead of being an extra cost. We also used it for naps around the house and for him to sleep in overnight when we took him to New York City as a 9 week old.

    Mosquito net. Genius. Our son was born in late May and the mosquitoes have been really bad this year. There have also been a lot of cases of West Nile around us. The mosquito net allows us to walk our baby in the evenings without worrying about him being bitten. I do wish the net fit just a little more snugly around the seat, but it still does its job well.

    Smooth ride. This thing glides along like a beauty and turns on a dime. I feel so bad when I see people grinding along in their plastic wheels. This pushes well over dirt, grass, gravel and sand.

    Basket. This really does have a large, useful basket. Before I had my baby, I really didn't get what the big deal was about big baskets, but now I do! I put my fully packed Jujube BFF underneath along with my ergo baby carrier and there's still room to spare. I love that there are 2 pockets in the front of it that can be used for things you want to keep track of (my son's sunhat and my water bottle, usually).

    Fold. It would be nice if this had a one-handed fold, but I still find this to be easy enough. I like that it stands when folded. It snaps open easily also.

    Rain shield. Love that this was included. It fits really nicely over the toddler seat.

    Canopy. It really is big. With it all the way up and the sunshade out, my baby is totally shaded except for any sun that enters from the side. I wish they had little pull-out side sun shades like the main shade that could block this side-entering sunlight. I hate to have to put even a light blanket over my baby's legs in the heat of summer, but I have to do it to prevent sunburn.

    Color. My husband got really excited about the orange color, which was enough for me! It's nice and bright and I love the black frame. We've been using this stroller a ton and it has stayed super clean. The fabric seems very durable.

    Additional accessories that we purchased:
    Infant insert. As I mentioned, my son tired of the bassinet fairly quickly. The infant insert allowed us to put him in the toddler seat in a reclined position, which he thoroughly enjoys. He is 99th percentile in length, so he's starting to be too long for the insert at 12 weeks, but that's not really the insert's fault.

    Bassinet rain shield. Never needed it, but was glad we had it. Given the short duration of time that my son tolerated the bassinet, we probably could have done without it.

    Britax parent console. The uppababy console didn't get very good reviews, so we got this one instead. It gets great reviews and has worked perfectly for us.

    Carseat adapter. We have the Chicco Keyfit 30. The adapter is very secure. I wasn't sure we needed this since we had the bassinet, however I'm glad we got it. It's great for quick trips into the store when I don't want to wake the baby. Also, my son is pretty heavy for his age, so we can't carry the carseat very easily- it's nice to be able to put it in the stroller for transport.

    Accessory we decided against:
    Bassinet stand that turns into a hamper. Nice idea, but I worried about its stability with an excitable dog (boxer) in our house. I also want sure about how safe this would be for overnight sleep because ventilation is a key anti-SIDS measure.

    My only complaint:
    The peekaboo window is nice and big, but the holes in the mesh are so big that bugs get through easily! In the hot summer, with the seat parent-facing, the window provides a great opportunity to get a breeze going through the stroller...but not when little bugs are flying in! I've used the stroller with the mosquito net down and seen bugs inside that entered through the window mesh. As a result, we've had to keep the window closed. Seems like this could easily be solved by using a finer mesh.

    This stroller has paid for itself over and over again in ease of use and performance!
  • Kerrymarie - Basic Quick ReviewI bought this external hard drive(500GB) because I wanted to use it with my new laptop to play world of Warcraft and the laptop didnt have enough memory to run the game.
    Bought the drive plugged it in and the laptop(running windows 8) recognized it right away. I installed the software deleted some excess files that come on the external hard drive then unplugged it and took it to my desktop that has world of Warcraft installed. Dragged and dropped the file into the external hard drive it took about an hour to transfer everything, which to me is great considering its over a 20gb file because of all the expansions and patches.
    Took it back out to my laptop fired up the drive again clicked on the game and it played perfectly fine.
    No lags maybe a little slower loading to after entering your character into the world but no game play issues and for me that deserves 5 stars.

    If anything goes wrong ill be sure to update.
    But I would recommend this to anyone!