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  • afterthekiss - best book everThis is by far the best advice book, for women, that I've ever read! It's fresh, straight to the point, and she keeps it raw and real! I have applied her book in a few situations and I have learned a lot. If u are tired of being hurt, looking stupid, crying over a man, asking yourself 3000 times if he's the one, giving away your vagina and getting nothing in return then YOU NEED TO READ THIS BOOK! It'll change your life, if you let it
  • Mel - Amazing skin care products!I had been on and off oral medications for my acne over 10 years. I had tried almost every product found in the stores and online. I saw Exposed Skin Care and figured I had nothing to loose. I have been using it for over 3 years and absolutely love it! Not a day goes by that I don't use the products. I have been acne free since I have started the products!
  • Gene Cloner - Less cluttered interface and fairly faster than 2011Norton woke-up in 2009/10 making the interface user-friendly and its signature updates running in the background making the software less resource-hogging. It's continuing the same trend this year (NIS2012) with a little less cluttered interface - meaning most features automated for the novice user, but you have to dig in deep to make advanced changes. It works well with Windows7 as well as Win XP if you care (I don't have Vista - so cannot comment about that).

    1. Installation: As in the recent versions of NIS, installation was a snap. It took under 2 minutes, but needed a restart. If you have existing license for NIS, download the update from support -> check for new version menu item from within NIS. You can update the license number from the disk later when your license is about to expire. In previous version(s), NIS overwrote existing license period if you upgraded from disk. I havent checked it on this version (I still have about 90 days left, too risky!!).

    2. Interface: The main interface is less cluttered, but a new addition is a big status window (floating gadget) on the upper right corner of your screen with large buttons for different menus. Most buttons on these menus are for other Norton products unrelated to NIS (annoying). For example button for on-line back-up (costs extra!) or mobile protection for android (free), parental control (free) etc. I havent found an easy way to get rid of this yet! (Alright! It's easy. There is a close button next to it and if you close it, it does not reappear after a restart).

    3. Setting up: Most of the settings are done by default and should be fine for the average user. For example how often to scan your computer, what time of the day, which files to allow to connect to the internet etc. If you need advanced settings, most of those are just a couple of clicks away and mostly easy to find. There are some menu items that could have been done better. If you had existing trusted network information from previous NIS, those are retained which is good.

    4. Security: As in previous versions, NIS was good at detecting most of the commonly bothering cookies and adware. Everytime you download a file, it is checked for viruses and if it is from a trusted website and there is a pop-up saying it is clean. Similarly, like previous versions, Norton safe search marks results from google searches as safe or not. you can check website security by looking for norton trusted symbol e.g. bank sites or amazon.com - that way you wont enter your password in a phising site.

    5. What's new? Like mentioned above the annoying floating gadget is new. The primary interface is less cluttered but at the same time advanced settings are easily accessible from different menus. The new version does appear to be a little faster than 2011. might be significant on older systems.

    Overall, very good protection with minimal resource usage.
  • FloydWaters - Seen for what it IS--beautiful work by the Floyd ThreeI think that The Division Bell is among Pink Floyd's best works. Yes, it is different from their prior works, but that's to be expected. Seen for what it IS--the best work that David Gilmour, Richard Wright, and Nick Mason have produce--it is truly an excellent album. Although not as lyrically unified as albums like The Wall, Pink Floyd managed what so few bands have been able to do after losing an important member: preserved their *sound* intact and yet adapting to the times. Chicago couldn't do it, the Moody Blues couldn't do it--but thanks to its talented remaining members, Pink Floyd succeeded.In my mind, The Division Bell actually bears an interesting similarity to Mr. Wright's first solo album, Wet Dream, and if you like one, I think chances are fairly good that you will like the other. Both albums have that sort of laid-back, open, oceanic and dreamlike feel to them in many places. This is certainly not the angst-filled Animals, though there are points where the "cast members" reveal they're feeling low.Like no other album after Wish You Were Here, Mr. Wright's presence can REALLY be heard and felt. It almost defies words, but there is always a strong sense of PLACE in his music. "Cluster One", for me, might be a cool fall day (the crackling sounds could be, for instance, fallen leaves swirling about). I can almost feel the wind shift direction at the change of a chord, see the bright blue sky and perhaps a few gentle wisps of cirrus clouds."Marooned", of course, is VERY oceanic. The image in my mind has always been of a stark, rocky, New England coastline--dark, ominous clouds threaten a nor'easter that may or may not materialise...but a warning just the same. Mr. Gilmour deserves credit here as well, for a guitar solo that to me sounds like the anguish of a soul in pain. Some parts even seem like racking sobs. Yet as the song goes on, it almost seems to gather strength...all hope is not gone. Out of this pain comes renewal.That brings me to the album's most powerful track: "Wearing the Inside Out": one of the most moving, most personal things I have ever heard (Mr. Wright's second solo album Broken China being THE most moving thing I've ever heard).I would prefer not to discuss the actual circumstances, but the time at which I purchased this album was the darkest, most painful time in my life. I cannot explain what it was like to hear this song--almost like seeing a reflection of myself, for lack of better words. It is a compliment to Mr. Wright that his music would draw me in like that. I know the lyrics are not his, but the sentiments certainly seem to belong to him.The song offered something else, too. For all the darkness, there is a very distinct turning point, when that "trumpet" synthesiser kicks in: "I'm creeping back to life..." The darkness, as terrible and consuming as it was, need not be permanent. And even though at the end, this soul is still in some pain--there is hope. In the final chord is an uplifting message...this bleeding heart may not be beating much...but it is slow, strong, and clear at the end. There is still life. Whatever his circumstances were, it was very brave of Mr. Wright to capture his feelings in music that way, because it truly is a gift when you can take those things and touch someone else.I think "Coming Back to Life" is notable for Mr. Gilmour's second-most impressive singing job. Only "So Far Away" from his self-named solo album outdoes it. The beautiful, even, rapid note changes are absolutely impressive...the studio effects chosen here are very effective, in my opinion, to accentuate it.The last song, "High Hopes", is beautifully haunting--the ringing of the Division Bell has a rather mournful, tolling sound to it that fits well with the reminisces upon things long gone. There is a beautiful solo and ascending chord sequence at the end. Though it seems all is lost to time, there are still "high hopes" at the end of The Division Bell, giving it an overall optimistic feel.I think there is more to this album than meets the eye. I was, overall, pleased with The Division Bell, especially because of a jewel like "Wearing the Inside Out"--far and away the best song on the album. It is the sign of a true artist when you can see parts of your own circumstances in their work.
  • Jillian Sprenger "Jillybeans08" - Amazing product for seltzer lovers.This is such a great buy. I drink a lot of seltzer and my roommate drinks a lot of soda. I recommend buying an extra bottle set to keep different flavors in your fridge at all times. It is amazing how quickly water can be turned into seltzer. I am keeping a tally to see how many bottles we can make with the large co2 cartridge. We have had the machine for less than a week and have already made about six bottles. We are obsessed, as well as our friends. It is great to know that we can make as much soda we want without paying for cans and bottles. It feels good to reduce the amount of waste associated with cans and bottles as well. This thing will pay for itself very quickly. No need to pay more for something "fancier". This is quite easy to use. Sometimes simplicity is all you need. I will advise you that the fizz does go out fairly quickly in the bottle and should not be opened more than two-three times per use. Drink up!