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  • infoglutton - Harris Holds Open the Door for Objective MoralityHarris points out what should be (but unfortunately is not) obvious to everyone: when one unjustly causes another person to suffer, it is still wrong even if an entire village does it as part of their "culture." Why? Because the collective well being has been lowered. Harris describes how we might go about looking and measuring this well being through neuroscience. And even if some answers are difficult to come by does not mean that those answers are nonexistent. Harris also recognizes that there are numerous responses to moral questions and that these possibilities can be plotted against well being as to compose peaks and valleys--the moral landscape.

    Harris warns against embracing moral relativism, fostering that morality as having no right or wrong answers, or leaving morality to scripture. He compares morality to the tough scholarship of economics. While economics is inexact, there are certainly better and worse answers. By refusing to be objective with morality we instead get stuck on simple questions. These simple questions hold back our society rather than allow us to tackle the more complex moral dilemmas.

    No doubt a reader will be thinking of exceptions to objective morality. I can't list how Harris hits every angle, but you can take rest that it's covered well in his book. And as Harris recognizes, it may be difficult to find other subjects more important to our society as a whole, and even our individual lives, than the science of morality.
  • G. Ware Cornell Jr. "anotherlawyer" - Great comfort for 3DOur new Samsung UN55ES7500 55-Inch 1080p 240Hz 3D Slim LED HDTV (Black) came with four perfectly good pair of 3D glasses- good for everyone except my wife who prefers to wear her prescription glasses while watching TV. Shopping for a solution I found these Samsung compatible (2011 and 2012 model sets) 3D glasses.

    The 3D glasses easily fit over a pair of eyeglasses, which is exactly what my wife wanted. Her obvious comfort inspired us to test them for ourselves and shortly after the end of a 3D movie two more pair were ordered from Amazon.

    Unlike the manufacturer Samsung's supplied glasses, these third party devises do not rely on regular hearing-aid batteries, a recurring expense which increases the cost of the product. The 3Active glasses have a built in rechargeable battery, a mini-USB cable and a wall adapter. Charge maintenance has been excellent. So far has been that they have maintained a charge over several days of nonuse, enabling all of us to watch feature films with the need to pre-charge or recharge.

    Because these glasses are sturdily constructed like eyeglass frames, they do not slip around during a movie. The effect of this is to make the whole 3D experience that much more enjoyable.