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  • Diesel - Great for the price even though it's not as fast as other optionsFor the price it's hard to beat. I used the free version of "EaseUs-To-Do" to clone my HDD and it took about an hour and a half to fully clone. I installed it in my notebook (ASUS x202e - Intel i3 3rd gen processor w/ 4GB RAM) and it fired up with no issues. My computer operates at it's full potential, I can multi-task apps without lag. Programs open and are fully loaded within seconds and close almost instantly. I can cold-boot, enter my password and the entire desktop is loaded under 20 seconds, which isn't bad for a budget computer. The 5400RPM HDD that it was saddled with from the factory was certainly the limiting factor and now it's operating at it's max.

    If you have the ASUS x202e (or the Q200e which is the best buy version) or any older laptop that you're trying to extend the life of, I recommend making this upgrade. It's not as fast as my asus zenbook, but at the same time it was a third of the cost (including the price of the SSD) and is the perfect everyday "get beat up" and travel with laptop.
  • apples2apples - A good and necessary reference!After years and years without any outbreaks, last winter I found myself suffering from one of the worst outbreaks of my life. I had it bad over both lower legs, one knee, part of one arm, patches here and there on my body, and both elbows. I don't have any idea what precipitated it, and I was at a loss as to what to do outside the normal ointments, lotions, etc... I read the book Healing Psoriasis, and only implemented the use of witch hazel, After about 1 month of use, 1 month off, and some FL sunshine, I'm almost free of any indication of psoriasis - other than the redness which subsides after awhile. I'd also used an Rx before starting the witch hazel, but not once I started the witch hazel. I don't know if it was the witch hazel or shear dumb luck, but whatever it was, I'll take it!

    I think "Healing Psoriasis" is a good book, one well worth reading if you suffer from psoriasis. Before this, I found that the antidepressant, Cymbalta, worked really well at keeping my psoriasis at bay - even though it didn't do diddly for pain - which is what it was prescribed for. I had psoriasis so bad this time my doctor wanted me to go on a biological, even though there were good reasons why I shouldn't. I vehemently opposed, even though he was really pushing me, and it wasn't until the dermatologist agreed with me that he let up. Just goes to show there are alternatives, and dangerous medicine doesn't always need to be employeed. "Healing Psoriasis" offers good alternatives to those dangerous drugs which completely knock out the immune system.
  • Robert B. Kidd - Great ValueYesterday we installed a Western Digital My Book Live Duo (dumbest name...ever) server with 6 terabytes of storage to replace our failed server. Within the first 48 hours we had:

    1) formatted two 3TB drives in Raid 1 (drive to drive mirrored backup)

    2) installed all of our backed up music and photographic images

    3) backed up the server to an external hard drive (you simply cannot trust any of these devices), after calling the free concierge service number for technical help (some one was not looking at the correct on line manual).

    4) backed up a Windows 7 PC to the server using WD Smartware

    5) linked Time Machine on two OS X Mac Books to the server

    6) accessed the server remotely via free web site hosting

    7) accessed the server via iPhone & iPad

    8) received backup status email sent automatically by the server

    The end game is that the server centralizes all of our music and photography, performs automatic backup of all of our computers and the server is backed up to itself (nightly), using Raid AND backed up to an external hard drive.

    If you think that this is over the top, tell me how you would feel if you lost all of your photos, music and your unpublished novel...devastated, I know.
  • Krzy8 - worked for meI purchased this after the doctor put me on an antibiotic for 6 months for reoccurring bacteria infections, I felt like I was allergic to my husband :(. I also felt like I was having more yeast problems with the antibiotic so I needed something besides yogurt (which I hate). After a week of taking this I felt so much better, no more burning or itching and my sex life is so much better. I went to the doctor for a check up 2 weeks after using this and I was clean no more bacteria/yeast. I still have to take my antibiotic 2 times a week for 2 more months. she said to continue to use the pro-b. I'm very excited to have found this product.
  • Terry Porter - Ann Coulter on First Voice Books talks about JFK, jr.He was magnificent. He was a friend of mine. Despite my prejudices against the whole Camelot nonsense, working with John, he was a very impressive person. I think he alone in that family really had the charm, the wit, the class, the intelligence. It was a great loss.

    And in particular, what was such a great loss, was that he was a Democrat. Yet he was kind to me and published me. He ran a magazine that was a political magazine and not a liberal magazine, as Good Housekeeping is and Vogue is and even Reader's Digest is now.

    None of those magazines will publish me, and in fact I have an entire chapter on what you would have read if you lived in a free country about articles specifically commissioned by magazines for me to write on a particular topic which they then thought were too hot to be published. I still liked them, so I put them in the book.

    John Kennedy was a genuinely fair person and I think if he'd lived and continued with his magazine, political dialog in this country would be very different right now.

    Terry Porter