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  • wayne - The CIA World Fact Book..."unbiased & nonpartisan knowledge"I became familiar with the "CIA World Fact Book" when I was employed in the DoD Intelligence field as a contractor. The book was an integral part of our unclassified library, and used extensively in researching Eastern European/WARSAW Pact and Middle Eastern countries. The book, in many ways, complemented the DoDs "Area Handbooks" that were issued on all countries in the past. It is easy to use (though the format has changed from time to time), and provides detailed information on a countrys' economic, demographic, natural resources, military, infrastructure, and ranking in the world community of nations. Updated annually, it is a "must have" for anyone wanting to have a definate, unbiased, non-partisan, comprehensive knowledge source of the entire world's countries.
  • S. J. House "aquarabbit" - Great solution for a new problem!In my opinion, a fabulous product. After beginning the NuvaRing birth control, I began to get a bit of extra discharge, smell, and sensitivity. Since this was a problem that I had never had before, it was uncomfortable in a general day to day way, and also horribly embarrassing when I was with my husband. I had heard about WaterWorks a while ago and decided to give it a try since I had never like normal cleansing products as they caused me sensitivity and my doctor is (as they all are) against them. I ran this product by her and she gave me the green light. It's helped so much! I use it twice a day in the shower and not only has it helped keep my personal problems under control, but I also feel so fresh and clean afterwards! Not to make too tasteless of a joke, but when I skip this step in my shower, it's like not flossing my teeth when I brush! I never feel quite as clean! It is a sturdy product and very easy to store if you have a shower rack to hang from (which I do). I am extremely pleased that I've found this.
  • A. Arif - Concepts clearly explained in a fun wayThis book is very good for introductory statistics. I am looking forward to the second part of this book. I wish it covered more topics. I strongly recommend it to anyone who wants or needs to learn statistics. The story may probably apeal to teenagers, but the problems and explanations were very clear.
  • J. Cooper "my heart bleeds Tel!" - Such craftmanship....Milky! Milky! Milky!...on arrival to my home in Australia I hurriedly put some down in a dish for the local wildlife. In no time at all I was repeatedly pounding a feral cats head in, the sturdy, easy-grip handle maintaining it's trusted integrity. Boy, Tuscan Whole Milk really lived up to it's reputation. Despite the kitten receiving enough blunt-force trauma to kill the entire cast of CSI not a drop was tears then! As a bonus the milk was still creamy all the way down as I toasted my victory, just in time for round 2 with the next Mr.Tiddles...
    You can hardly taste the hormones or the antibiotics!
    The gauntlet is down for the Australian Dairy industry.
    In the words of Ben Affleck ..."Hammer Down!"
  • Hoss "Darren" - Book reviewsI'll explain it slowly for you libs: These spaces are for people to write reviews of the books that are featured. Now I know you don't like to actually read as much as spew your leftist marching order talking-points, but try to actually read something. I know,disappointingly, that there is no current government program that has people read things for you so you don't have to go throught the torture of it for yourself (those darn rich people have things read for them...let's get them).

    Do you really think your low ratings of Ann's books and your hate-filled review screeds are keeping people from buying her books. Good luck.