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  • KentishFerret - Unexpected ResultsI am a middle aged man leading an unremarkable life. Prior to the purchase of this cable, I would describe myself as spectacularly unsuccessful with women. Despite having a fairly good pair of speakers and a mid-range amp, I have been largely unable to lure females into the vicinity to be impressed by them.

    When I took delivery of this item, I was unaware of the impending change it would have on my life. Nothing much changed with the sound but, when I walked out into the street, a full-sized, medium-ly attractive female human fell down at my feet. Thinking it was coincidence and that she had just fainted, I stepped over her and carried on my way. The journey to the news agent to pick up my copy of the racing post and a pint of semi-skimmed was eventful. 17 females and 1 male were seen to collapse helplessly as I approached.

    I would recommend this product.
  • Jane Risen - A must-read for anyone who's expectingIf you're perfectly happy sticking with the conventional wisdom on pregnancy, and sifting through the conflicting opinions you get from your doctors, friends, and strangers on the internet, then you probably don't need this book. But if you want to know what the actual research says, you may want to have a read. This book does an excellent job collecting and making sense of the scientific research that's been done and explaining it a straightforward, easily understandable way. It doesn't tell you what to do or not to do, it just gives you the facts so that you can make your own informed decision. It also gives you the tools to ask your doctor the right questions. Highly recommended!
  • Kaoru Arms - Eye opening!This book opens a new perspective as a parent and a woman! I especially learned A LOT about safety for my 6 months old son. It made me aware of what REALLY is safe for my son. I definitely recommend this book to ALL the parents :) This book can be the start of safer, happier, and healther life for you and your family!!!! This is THE book to read!!!!
  • Z. Johnson - Faithful Trend Micro user for over 2 years.I have been using Trend Micro products for home and work for over 2 years now. Prior to using Trend Micro products I was a McAfee and Norton kind of person but I will never go back to either of those products again. Trend Micro has proven that there are anti virus programs that will not slow down your system and can keep your computer running running fast and effectively without worrying about getting any kind of "sickly" bugs and viruses. It has been over 2 years and I have not even had any viruses or even a slight "cough". Trend Micro has proven to me to be extremely reliable, efficient and productive when it comes to working in the background.

    Titanium Max Premium is pretty much the top of the line. Previously before installing this version, I was using Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security. It was like going from a Ford Explorer to an Cadillac Escalade - both are great models but this one is the top of the line! Max Premium offers everything from parental controls, social networking safety to even smartphone and table protection, and many more other features. This might seem silly to you, but one thing I thought made it really personable was being able to personalize the background of the user interface (menu) with my photo. Comes with online storage that you can access anywhere. This program has so many extras that I could just go on and on. I know I probably won't be using some of the features like remotely locking my computer or shredding computer files, but there is probably something for everyone in this program.