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  • music with meaning - Truly a gaming systemThough there were some launch games pushed back i.e. Watch Dogs, Infamous Second Son, and Drive Club, (They were all games I really wanted to play.) I still found some games to entertain me til they come out next year. Killzone Shadow Fall is really fun and showcases the PS4's graphical prowess early on. I've always loved most of Sony's first-party games, so the games will come. I am happy I stuck with Sony, and the fact that I have a Vita makes it even better
  • Stephen Schwartz-Fenwick - Great product & IT WORKS!I have IBS and had noticed a decrease in regularity over the past 4-6 months. I would not have a bowel movement for a day, then the next morning I would sit down and huge nasty mess would come out. Also, I would have really stinky gas during the day too. It seems like there are two kinds of probiotics out there. The cheap kind is where you get like 400 pills for $30. The expensive kind is where you get 30 pills for $30. It seems like there is no in between, so I thought there must be something about these expensive ones that is better. I looked around for reviews of the expensive ones on amazon and settled on align, partly because it's friendliness to lactose intolerance (which I have). I have been soooooo impressed. The first 2 weeks there was no improvement, but it seemed like after the 3rd or 4th week on it, BAM, I was all better! Regular, well-formed bowel movements that I was used too. It's great. I like the packaging too and that they don't need to be refrigerated. I have been taking them for 2 months now and have had continued good results. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!
  • venus_smrf - Great purchase!I bought this for my ten-year-old, who needs a computer for homework and trips, but I think I use it almost as much as she does.

    I live in the boondocks, and even a trip to the grocery store takes almost two hours each way, so I needed something she could use in the car. We've loaded a couple of movies on her ipad, and she has a whole bunch of games that keep her occupied. She also uses this for homework, which frees up my computer and makes things a lot easier on all of us.

    My only complaint is that this doesn't come with much memory, and it doesn't have a way to add any more. We used up her memory fairly quickly and had to clear out some things (or move them to her cloud), which wasn't ideal. Still, definitely worth the money!