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  • Larry - Excellent test prepThe Kaplan courses are always considered the standard of all test preps. The SAT 2011 is certainly one of the best prep books out there complete with strategies on how to take the test and replete with copious test questions. Taking the SAT is one of the most important exams of any high school student and this book is a necessity to be successful. Highly recommended.
  • Sendak Seuss "PTK" - It keeps my wife happyMy wife works in a medical environment - seeing several patients a day. She doesn't get breaks to eat and doesn't like touching food at work so she carries a smoothie with her to drink throughout the day. This keeps her fed well, she loves it. I don't drink the stuff, but love it if it keeps her happy.
  • Miss halliwell - Simply the best... I wish I've got this book some years early OMG it will just had helped me so much. Bought the book after attending to one of the live events and I must say, it's gold... Fact. After reading I realise all the mistakes I made in th past but also feel so confident and with a whole new attitude to start again. Thank u Matthew
  • Justin M. West - So Magical They Pluralized The Number 1If you're like me, then you've got literal $#!t-tons of copper falling out of your walls (long story, I live in a former mining colony...well, former mine, anyway).

    Now the going rate for copper is about $19.87 per pound these days, and minted into pennies that'd net you about $8 in pennies. But copper is such an amazing material, when restructured and coated with whatever amazing trans-dimensional unicorn-powder-infused magic goodness they used to coat these, all of a sudden my $19.87 "investment" became huge profit, overnight!

    But the really impressive part is that this cables, retaining all of the weight of one pound of copper now weighs "1 pounds". Great-Sonny-Bono! How do you make a plural out of THE singular! It baffles the mind.

    Also, I think you can use these for your Mario games on your playstations and stuff, but I mostly use them to pay for my kids tuition. So keep buyin' 'em, kids!