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  • Justable - So far so good!I was pretty worried about buying this but am glad I did! Its been a little over a month and already some of my friends have noticed my hair returning. What I like about this is that it is very easy to use. The directions say that this will not work on the front of your head for receding hairline, however, that is where I am using it and it is working. The only tip I would give is to make sure you store it in a cool place or the foam dissipates quickly from your hand. Furthermore, the directions indicate to wash your hand in cold water first which helps keep the foam from melting.
  • Hughbert Jass - Good, who cares if Roger took overOK, when Roger took over, the sound might have not have been Pink Floyd, but there was some classic Floyd here, admit it. I'm not saying that the Final Cut was a good album, I'm just saying that this isn't as bad as almost all floyd fans say, infact...IT ROCKS!!!!!!! It starts with a Pink Floyd show (Pink Floyd is the fictional character in this story), then it goes back to his birth (baby crying). It then kicks into his childhood problems, Dad dieing in war, abusive schoolmasters, overprotective mother, unable to deal with young lust. Then, his gilrfriend leaves him, and the pain of being alone is the last straw, and Pink Floyd goes insane. Then, on disc 2, Pink Floyd reaches out to the troubled youth in his music and becomes a successful rock star with lots of pride, but his paining memories still haunt him. Then, he uses drugs to calm himself, but thinks get out of line at his concert, the same concert where our story begins. Then, he realizes it needs to stop, and after a trial in his mind, it ends and he goes outside the wall. Oh, i forgot, the wall is an imaginary thing that isolates pink floyd from the rest of the world.

    As for the music, Rockin', "In the Flesh?" is 1 of those songs, not nearly heard enough. "Another Brick in the Wall" is a classic & an anthem for anyone who hates school. ok, i don't feel like going thru the rest of the songs, but trust me they're good, and i know some songs seem like filler, but it's only to contribute to the story.
  • M. Hebdige "Nanette Hebdige" - ABSOLUTELY SENSATIONAL!!!!!!! WONDERFUL WONDERFUL WONDERFUL!!Naini Singh has created a marvelous new series with flawless combination of paranormal romance and sci-fi. The description of the two races - changelings and PsyNet are marvelously developed, in the amazingly gripping world that Nalini Singh has crafted and that draws you in from the get go! The narration is flawless, suspense in the story keeps you at the edge of your seat and the scenes between H/H are steamy and hot!

    The Psy is a race of calculated emotional detachment, Cold Empaths with lethal businesslike accuracy. Psys have been conditioned to have no emotional attachment or experience any feeling - for any Psy found "flawed" has their link terminated from PsyNet remaining alive but pretty much dead.

    Sasha Duncan is a Cardinal Psy - her mother a member of the powerful Psy Council. All her life she has lived in fear, as she has grown to believe that she is flawed and is always stemming feelings and shielding them from other Psy minds or she will be reconditioned.

    Lucan Hunter is a member of the DarkRiver leopards - cats. He decides to bid for a Real Estate residential project that would be the first transaction in history between the Psy and Changelings. Not only is he doing it for the profit - being shrewd in business - but a serial killer has been targeting changeling young women and he believes that the killer is a Psy. More reason for him to try and infiltrate their midst.

    In turn, Sasha is asked to supervise the project and study the changelings - as the Psy have little knowledge of that race.

    When Lucas meets Sasha - he is drawn to her. She may be a Cardinal Psy - but there is something different about her. Soon his predatory animalistic alpha nature stakes his territory and Sasha and him are slowly drawn together.

    After the killer takes another victim - a young woman from the wolf pack SnowDancers, rival changelings have to join forces in a race against time to save Brenna's life. Sasha is drawn into the fray - and both wolfs and cats have to rely in the powers of this unusual Psy if Brenna is to be found alive.

    With SLAVE TO SENSATION - you will be touched by so many aspects of this marvelous book. The awesome closeness and bonding of the individual packs. Their sense of family coupled with their innate ability to demonstrate feeling and show affection, love and above all loyalty to one another.

    The development of Sasha's and Lucas' relationship is a beauty to watch - simmering sensuality as Sasha slowly becomes "herself" and allows the feelings she has held back for so long run free with Lucas. Readers will fall in love with Lucas. He is all predatory alpha male, sexy and his caring for Sasha's well being and safety is touching and heartfelt.

    I can't praise enough this new writer and this fantastically innovative and superbly crafted new series! I will devour the next book VISIONS OF HEAT - which has been on sale since March of '07.

    Unfortunately because of my work schedule I don't get to read at the expediential rate I would like to, so it takes me longer to finish a book and always a day late getting into series!!!