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  • Pokedot21 - LOVE THIS!We registered for the Baby Einstein playmat and were very excited to get it for our shower. However after having my son and him playing on it you could tell he was very bored. In an attempt to entertain him more and have something that could grow with him I purchased this mat. HE LOVES IT! It keeps him entertained for at least 30 minutes without him getting bored. The music isn't annoying and the best part is that it converts from laying on his back to tummy time and the piano can lay flat when he gets the hand of sitting up right. I would recommend this mat to anyone new parent. Well worth the money! I'm recommending it to several friends of mine who are expecting!
  • dawgpaula "dawgpaula" - A total Brain Rejuvenation!!I am from a Northern state and because of medical problems, moved to South Texas for year round warmth. WOW! This was like moving to a 3rd world country!!! I have been here for 5 years and I was starting to lose myself and get sucked into the intellectual black hole of Texas, AKA utter stupidity and delusion!! I recommend this gave me a total thought rejuvenation and reminded me of who I really am! It should be a 9th grade textbook! I do not recommend moving to South Texas unless you like be tortured and abused for being an intelligent free-thinker with motivation! What's worse?? A WOMAN unapologetic for being an intelligent, free-thinker, OMG business person! GASP!
  • bowtieman - Great Historical Fiction!For the Civil War buff, this is a must-read book. While it relates the same events as Michael Sharra's Killer Angels, it is a more realistic portrayal of this great battle, and is way more intense in it's depictions of the common soldiers who fought and died there. Where "Killer Angels" is melodramatic at times in it's descriptions of both the characters and the engagements, "Cain at Gettysburg" is brutally and sometimes horrifyingly honest about the events of those three days in July 1863. The author has gone to extreme lengths to base his novel on historically accurate sources, with the result that the reader has to periodically remind him or her self that this is a work of fiction and not a historical narrative.