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  • cumminsman500 - Great ProductI purchased a Charbroil TRU Infrared grill a few years ago and love it. It cooks very fast and with the new infrared technology you don't get all of the grease fires and flare ups like with a traditional grill. I do have to say that they are a little more high maintenance than a traditional grill. The cooking grates are stainless steel but when all of the salts in the meats, marinades and seasonings the grate do start to rust after a couple of years. I ended up sandblasting mine this year and it cleaned them up very well. They look brand new and it was a lot less than buying new ones for about $42 each. I did have to replace the burners this year as well because it was staying lit. The holes on the burners also were starting to rust and the holes were becoming blocked. There was also rust scale inside of the burners that would block the flame exit holes. This grill does sit outside all of the time and has never been covered. Knowing that it has put up quite well with the abuse of sitting outside all of the time. For the higher cost of maintenance it is worth it for the quality of food that you can grill. Everything comes out so much more juicy and nothing really gets burned unless you let it.
  • Bill B. "(Term 75)" - Best tablet out there...OK, that is just my opinion, but I certainly feel that way. This is one powerful tablet that was my actual computer when my desktop went down. I did email and internet surfing. Supports the latest WiFi bands and is lightweight and stylish. I love it. I would highly recommend it to anyone considering a 10" tablet under the Android OS.