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  • Olimpia A. Padula - She Can TellAnother great story by Melinda Leigh. She Can Tell is filled with so much suspense, romance and mystery. It was such a thrill ride reading it, it was definitely hard to put down.

    I'm not going to rewrite the synopsis here, so I'm just going to jump to the review. There is so much going on and through out the book it all seems to center on Rachel Parker, one of the lead characters. I loved Rachel's character. She's very strong willed and stubborn, but never thinks of herself. She puts her health and well being behind everyone else. She may be a pain in everyone's ass at times but she means well. But someone is targeting Rachel and throughout the book Ms. Leigh has us going back and forth trying to figure out who it is.

    In comes Police Chief Mike O'Connell. We met Mike in She Can Run, but we didn't really get to know him yet. I absolutely loved Mike in this novel. What I loved the most was both of their personalities. Mike is as strong willed and stubborn as Rachel is, and there are times you can actually see them wanting to punch each other out, and they don't really get that they are so much alike. It's hysterical. This relationship wasn't a "love at first sight" thing; it was more of a turbulent beginning. Rachel's previous relationships always seem to give up when she put up a fight, but Mike's stubbornness put him head to head with her, until those walls came down. It was wonderfully written.

    As usual the sexual tension and romance was done perfectly. It wasn't over done, and it didn't take away from the story either. This was a fast paced, action packed, suspenseful mystery that I would recommend to everyone who loves a combination of suspense, mystery, humor and romance. Can't wait for the next one.
  • Kenan Cain - niceReceived tablet now for a couple of weeks and it is working wonderful, my product was delivered on time and the battery life is also amazing. love Samsung galaxy products.
  • Neil Kinnon - Should be required reading for every politician at every level of Government."Those who don't know history are destined to repeat it." Edmund Burke War debt, Radical Bombings, Economic bad times, a country struggling with uncontrolled immigration, natural disasters on huge scale. Coolidge's approach was the anti-thesis of our current approach. In short order, his approach with his advisors, had the country humming once again and running surplus's to reduce the gigantic National Debt. I knew and learned almost nothing about Coolidge other than the breaking of the Police Strike of 1919 and the one sided view that the roaring twenties which he led for much of were the cause of the Great Depression. As one of the founders of a large Charter School and a small City Councillor I think both this work and "The Forgotten Man" need to be read along with our typical historical works so that an open and honest diaologue can happen about the United States future. Thank you Amity Shlaes.
  • Trouthunter - What A Great Coffee Maker!My son bought this for his Mother for Christmas 2011 and it works great! Perfect coffee, tea or hot chocolate every time we use it which is daily.

    We use filtered water and not tap water as hard water can clog up coffee makers as we all know.

    I'm going to buy the automatic one with the water reservoir so I can brew more than 10 cups at a time though.

    Thanks Keurig for a great invention with the B31 brewer.
  • Grandizer - Bruins fans get this dvd set.First I must say the negative reviews here are not mostly directed at this dvd set but at Warner and what they didn't include and the fact that there is no Blu-Ray. I do agree that this could have been released in Blu-Ray and that would have been awesome, the encoding could have been better as they put all the contents in 5 dvds... but it wasn' let's move on. Don't let the reviews steer you away from this set.

    If your a true hockey fan, specifically a Bruins fan in this case, then this is a must have. I see nothing wrong with the entire dvd set and it's contents. You get game 7 vs Tampa and all winning games in the Finals. The encoding is fine,the picture is not like an old VHS tape, it's more than perfectly watchable. If you have a upscale dvd player or a blu-ray or PS3 that will upscale the picture, it's even better. What your buying is pure Bruins bliss. It's the U.S. feed with Mike Emrick, who we all know is awesome and gets totally into the action. We could have gotten the Hockey Night in Canada feed with Jim Hughson which would have made me kill myself he's so awful. Every part of each game is there. How can you complain? I can't help but still get into every part of each game. Besides the fact I still have 2 HD DVRs filled with Bruins playoff games, and the entire Stanley Cup Series, I've watched this more than a few times and still get into it.

    Are you a Bruins fan? Don't you want to see Tim make his Godly saves, ala Grant Fuhr? Do you want to see the Sedin sisters get totally shut down, Boychuck and Ference lay guys out, Marchand pester and get under each Canucks skin, the entire team stand up to the cheap unsportsmanlike play tactics like one of the Sedins that made a run at Marchand AFTER the whistle and when Marchand ducks and flips him they cry because it was dangerous even though Sedin's intent was to cheap shot Marchand, or when Henrick whacking Tim's stick out of his hands because they knew they were outmatched and out muscled, Tim knocks him right on his back, Lucic sticking fingers in Burrow's face and on another occurrence gives him a nice shot to the back of the legs then a punch to the face when he whacks Tim on a covered puck and of course the hit from Aaron Rome on Horton that results in a complete Bruins assalut.

    How can you not have this?