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  • Smith Dean Morrie - Douglas and Lincoln always come thru with imaginative heart racing well throughout Pendergast novels. I've read them all.It was great to bring back Corrie from "Still life with crows" and to have Pendergast tie in Sherlock Holmes into the storyline with the help of as always one of his Cronies. The storyline is fast-paced and as always one never knows what's going bloom out of the authors mind. This is one of many Preston, Child must reads. I often find myself rereading a thriller from their vast collection, they never disappoint, I can bring anyone back into play at anytime this and their library are page turner.
  • F. Matthews - amazing tabletthe Kindle Fire is a wonderful tablet for content delivery. Amazon has a great platform and ecosystem built around their Kindles and I'm seriously debating replacing this with either a Surface RT or a Kindle Fire HD.
  • Rod Harrington - A Wonderful HelpThis book is dedicated "To the millions of people who suffer needlessly from back pain." Anybody in that category knows what they'd give to become--and stay--pain-free.

    To my mind, here's a great book to help. Esther Gokhale offers natural posture solutions for pain in the back, neck, shoulders, hips, knees and feet. The book consists of eight lessons, meticulously explained, with beautiful illustrative photographs. Half of this large book consists of photos--many of people in non-Western societies standing, walking and bending in natural and harm-free ways. Everything discussed is illustrated--so nothing is too hard to understand.

    How we sit, how we stand, bend, sleep--all are vital to our comfort and health. When we learn to maintain correct posture, we'll find we're moving out of the realms of misery, and into a situation of relief and health.

    I really liked this book. There is just enough science for me to understand what my posture is doing to my body, and just enough explanation for me to understand what I can do to make things better. Changing habits is not automatic, of course--I know it takes time before the new ways feel natural. But when there's a blueprint before me, if I have any motivation, I can practise and learn what's healthy.

    If you're looking for some relief, get this book. You will learn a lot--and you'll be so glad you did.
  • K. Tsoukaris "Urban Tranquility" - My feet are learning how to walk in alignmentSize 9.5
    Fit is excellent
    material is very light
    colors are not as bright and neon as the picture depicts but I'm keeping them anyway
    they do stick ever so little when I walk because they are made to bite the ground a little for running
    I use them everyday to walk around in
    I love that they fit, I saved time shopping at a store and they were recommended by 2 friends on Facebook :)
  • jjl "founder of" - A quick warning to overseas usersThis is just a quick warning. I bought a new Nutri Bullet from the United States and brought it to China (where I live) and it blew up right after turning it on. I'm guessing it's the increased voltage we use here? I've never had something like this happen to other electronics brought from my hometown in California. Maybe they need to throw in a transformer to accommodate higher voltages? Anyways, I'm out 100 bucks, but hope I help someone save 100. The 5 star rating is based on a Magic Bullet I previously owned in the states. Solid product.