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  • Stefan Laakso "Sir_Trumpalot" - Ann Does it againAnn is among the best authors, especially political authors around. I look forward each week to her columns and read them promptly. She uses great humour, ample facts and current examples to prove her points. This book is made up of old and new columns, a good collection her timely writings (unedited) and not a singular idea with a main thesis (as in her other books). I enjoyed it immensely and look forward to her next books. In fact, I love her.
  • Jeff Van Reiner - Finally! Evidence over hysteria!Hrm, I suspect most of the negative reviews here are written by people who have not read the book and have received misinformation about it from an interest group.

    I *HAVE* read the book and heartily recommend it to the pregnant women I know. It's a great asset for pregnancy decision making. Not all medical studies are created equal and this book is careful to separate good evidence from shaky evidence. It is a great book for people interested in facts and evidence.

    If you'd like to be extra, extra careful when you are pregnant and avoid deli meat you can do so. What *THIS BOOK* tells you is that if you *really* want to reduce the risk of the kinds of food borne illness that can harm your baby what you might want to avoid instead is cantaloupe! *The author is not opposed to being careful!* She just wants you to be careful about the right things.

    I received prenatal care at an incredibly respected private practice affiliate with one of America's top hospitals. When I asked about foods to avoid I got a photocopied sheet that looked like it had been added onto piecemeal since the Carter administration. An ob/gyn can save your life if your uterine ruptures during delivery, but most just aren't that good at critically reviewing the evolving evidence-based medical literature. You can improve your pregnancy experience by doing your homework. This book is the best I've seen for helping you do so.

    Anyone who's read WTEWYE has probably chuckled when they see that cookies and cocaine are handled with equal gravitas. Until now, there haven't been a lot of antidotes. Finally there is.
  • stephen - Equality now!Is it legal for women to write now? Be careful while using this. You wouldn't want the wrong people to find out. Don't worry ladies. I and my other male colleagues will help you gain freedom from the oppressive hand of tyranny that doesn't allow you this basic human right. Sure most people think it's wrong for women to write, but society has been wrong before. We can't do this alone however. We're going to need secretaries. So women everywhere grab your Bic for her, pack your 12 suitcases, and come. Come heed the call to fight for freedom. And with Bic for her on our side.. we can't lose...
  • Photogirl505 - One of the best baby purchases we've madeThis is one of my favorite baby items that we purchased & we're always getting compliments on our Inglesina high chair. Let me preface the rest of my review by saying that we do have a kitchen with a breakfast counter than extends out a good 9 inches, which is ideal for this seat, but we have made it work with many dining tables by extending a leaf on the table. You ideally just need atleast a 4"-5" overhang underneath the table/counter you attach it to or otherwise it might be tricky to get the bottom part to screw on correctly.

    The greatest thing about this seat is that we've been using it since our son was about 4 or 5 months old- at first with some propping - and he's been able to hang out with me at our counter whenever I needed to get stuff done in the kitchen. We'll be able to use it until he's 33 pounds, which should get us to about 2 1/2 years or 3 years with our son. That's a great investment!

    We take this seat with us whenever we travel and it stows so easily in its own collapsible bag - definitely a useful item to own so long as it fits at your table or counter!
  • Melody Hastings "desertmaven" - Amazing How Liberals Rate This Book....or NotYou can always tell a leftist leaving his opinion about an Ann Coulter Book. I've read 3 now and the left has not produced one shred of evidence (aside from smirks and ad hominum attacks) to dispel any of the facts she cites in any of her books. Coulter is thorough in her research, and her biting wit is highly entertaining. So sorry liberals can't see themselves for the emotionally frantic people that they are. Unlike Michael Moore's crap which is mostly based on fiction and opinion, Coulter's works are based on facts.

    Get this book - it's a blast to read! You're going to love it.