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  • Buttdiver "doodie head" - My Mom and Dad Dont Hit Me AnymoreBefore listening to the program with my parents I was beaten with a switch on a daily basis. My foul mouth and excessive drinking of cough syrup earned my knuckle sandwiches from my dad, and hair pulling from my mother. But now I am a good boy and they no longer need to beat some sense in to me. Thank you James Lehman, you may have saved my life...literally.
  • John S Helm - LOVE ITFirst tablet that I have bought. Does almost everything I wanted it for. I would and have recommended it to friends.
  • J. Darling "Reader Girl" - One of the greates thrillers ever written.This is one of the best thrillers I have ever read. This book is about a girl who is in a coma for 6 months. When she comes out of it she findes her world turned upside down. She dose not know who to trust or what will happen next. This book with keep you on the edge of your seat from page 1. I would highly recommend this book to anyone. I would have to say this is one of Ted Dekkers best works.
  • Nathan - An Excellent BookCormac McCarthy's 'The Road' is one of the premiere works of modern American literature. Following the relationship between a father and young son as they struggle to survive in the post-apocalyptic wasteland in which the novel is set, McCarthy creates an intensely emotional and truly artistic work exploring the many facets of the new world his characters inhabit. As with all Kindle editions, here enjoy the notes and highlights of past readers to enhance the reading experience. I certainly recommend this book.