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  • my2centsworth - Best book on the market.....I have used the Parachute book for years as a text book for the courses I teach in career planning and career development. Nearly every book on job hunting that has been published since 1970 has been an off shoot of Bolles' work. I don't believe there is any one anywhere that has given as much thought to the field of job hunting as Bolles has. He considers his work to be his mission in life and the books show it (he is a Christian and makes no apologies for it but acknowledges in the book he understands not everyone is and assumes his readers can translate his message into their own framework). I use the newest edition each year (and yes, I have nearly every edition since 1970 sitting right here on my book shelf) - some years are major changes, other years are not so major but always updated. Certainly, not every book fits every person so I'm not suggesting that every one will connect with the Parachute books. But, for my money, there are none better and advise all of my college seniors to buy it whether or not they are taking my classes if only for the job hunting advice in the first few chapters. But, it is the skill identification section that is really priceless.....most job hunters have lots of skills but don't necessarily have very good vocabularies to articulate those skills which are crucial in writing good resumes, getting through job interviews and being able to evaluate appropriate job opportunities. Of course, you actually have to do the work suggested in the book to flesh out the skills which I'll admit can be challenging if you're working on your own but you can hardly beat the price...if all you do is look through the skill list, you'll learn something and sometimes just having a more organized way to consider your job search can be helpful. Two thumbs up!!!
  • Terri Moore - Align ProductA great product. The Doctor told us this was the only tested probiotic that had proven results. My daughter has been using it for 2 months now and it had in deed helped. We will continue to use it. We are happy with the product and Amazon for getting it to us quickly! Amazon also had the best price offered.
  • Mathew J. Binkley - 3 weeks in and loving it!I'm three weeks in. Not going to lie, if you give it your all, it's going to *hurt*. For the first week you're going to feel like a head-to-toe walking bruise. But I've gone from 3 pullups to 8, and have dropped 3 lbs already.

    The workouts are so intense you will almost flinch at doing them. But every time I feel that way, I go look in the mirror, and then I go do my P90X. Tony brings it. I'm looking forward to seeing what a year of it will do.
  • Betty R. Mcguire "book lover" - All and More!Purchased this Shark Navigator vacuum cleaner from Amazon and I am thrilled with it! Read all the reviews,good,bad and indifferent and decided to take the plunge and buy it! So glad I did. It fulfills all of the good reviews and even more than that it disproves some of the not-so-good reviews. Betty