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Country: Europe, RO, Romania

City: Braşov, Judetul Brasov

  • TEXASSUSAN - For Every WomanRepHresh provides a balanced PH without the use of Estrogen. It feels like a woman's natural lubrication and feels and smells wonderful. It was ok'd by my doctor for use after extensive surgery. There are no con(s), only pro(s) and that is highly unusual. After 9 months usage, I will remain a Rephresh customer......
  • ShopaholicBelle - It worksI have been using this just about every day for about 5 years. Start with small doses and you will work your way up to a larger dose over time, so if it doesn't do it's job try adding a capsule to your intake. It helps me feel better and maintain my weight. I really recommend it.
  • CWestin - Perfect for what I need!I saw some reviews where people states that it will not work with their system, or that it doesn't operate as stated. Well, in my experience, this scanner is great. I've used it on my Mac (running Mountain Lion), and on my PC, running Windows 7 Professional 64-bit and with both systems this scanner functions great. It basically acts as, and your computer will see it as a keyboard. Where whatever barcode you scan, it will enter that information into your selected text box, or area, or what have you. It will enter the barcode data, and automatically hit "Enter" if you will to submit the data, if the action requires it, such as doing a google search for a part number or entering a part number into your inventory or such. Some people have said that the build quality isn't great, that the laser doesn't line up with the actual area being read, and I would like to say that mine is fine and perfectly aligned. The scan distance is great, whether you're right up on the barcode because it's a tiny little barcode, or whether you are about 12"-15" away, this thing's great. You can instantly change the modes simply by squeezing and holding the trigger for 8 seconds, this will switch it back and forth between auto scan mode, which will cause the scanner to emit the laser and start scanning when it senses a change in distance in front of the sensor, like it you were to hold it up to something, or whether you have the gun mounted and you hold an item understand it for scanning, auto scan mode is great. Press and hold the trigger again for another 8 seconds, and you are in manual mode, which will cause the scanner to scan when you squeeze the trigger. This is great so you don't accidentally laser someone in the eyes if you're moving around and such, or if you just want greater manual control. The build quality of this unit is nice and solid. For the price, it is an excellent value. If you need a nice barcode scanner, and you are on a budget, this is the scanner for you!