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  • Linda C. Garrett - Meets ALL my expections and ALL the promises made.1. Does it leak? No. (If it does for you, that means you didn't screw the lid on firmly AND/OR overfilled it beyond the "max" line.")
    2. Does it grind seeds, nuts, etc. as promised? Yes.
    3. Is it easy to use? Yes.
    4. Is it easy to clean? Yes.
    5. Do I want to keep using it every day past the "honeymoon" phase? Yes.
    6. Do I physically feel better after a month of using it? Yes! (I am calmer, more relaxed and feel healthier overall).
    7. Have I lost weight? Yes. (Duh--because I am incorporating a lot more fruits and vegetables in my diet on a regular basis!)
    8. Would I recommend to anyone and everyone? Yes--without hesitation.
    9. Have I had any problems with it? No. None. Zip. Nada.
    10. Do I have any recommendations for the manufacturer? Yes. Maybe offer a glass version--at an extra change--for those who like using glass instead of plastic.
    11. Do I have any recommendations for the consumer? Yes--have fun with it! Let your imagination just fly. For instance, use green tea instead of water on some of the vegetable recipes, or, use almond milk instead of water on some of the fruit-based recipes.
    11. Any endorsements? Yes--my chiropractic is happy to learn I am using the Nutri-Bullet--since it compliments the health-regimen that he currently has me on, e.g. no gluten, no dairy diet.
    12. Do I work for the company? No--I am an overstressed, overworked lawyer--needing to infuse some common-sense dietary changes to my life.

    Long live Nutri-Bullet!
  • No BS guy - FantasticThis book documents the racial bias in the media better than anything else I have ever seen. As the author notes, most people in the country gets their news from a press that constantly harps about discrimination against blacks as if the Klan were running the country. However, most of us have lived our lives at times where Affirmative Action is the only form of job discrimination we have ever seen and where black criminals are often portrayed as the victims of white police rather than what they are, criminals. I learned that the Jim Jones cult was not a religious cult(as I had thought)but actually a Marxist commune that contemplated moving to the Soviet Union(the majority of the members-and suicide victims- of the cult were black). I also learned about the follow up to the Bakke case, where the individual admitted in place of Bakke was unqualified and actually lost his medical license after he killed several patients(This was relevant to me, as I actually served on the admissions committee at the UC Davis Medical School in the 1980s-years after the Bakke decision- and saw "A" students rejected in order to make room for minority students with a C-average). This book gets the truth out there, which, as is typical, has little to do with the political correctness put out there my the media.
  • Colin Bayler - A Pleasant SurpriseImagine my shock as I watched this DVD and found out that I was not going to get the normal run-of-the-mill martial art movie. This story actually has layers and depth. Don't get me wrong, there is still plenty of action, but it interspersed with great acting and a solid, realistic storyline. I even found a few plot twists that were totally unexpected. A definite must see.
  • S. Whitworth "Hannah's Mommy" - Latte Heaven! Coffee/Tea/Hot ChocolateI just cannot say enough good things about this product. My first impression out of the box is that it is attractive and well made. Within minutes of having it out of the box, I had a café latte going at full speed. It is just that easy. Once you load all the ingredients, you have a delicious coffee house creation of your own in a matter of a few minutes. So far, I have only made Café latte. I have some coconut milk and cannot wait to make a coconut latte. This machine makes fantastic hot chocolate too. The best thing I have found besides the awesome lattes is the fact that everything you make comes out piping hot, which is a great benefit I think. I posted a couple of pictures of my first batch of café latte for your viewing pleasure. If you do purchase this machine, which I highly recommend, please be sure to buy either the paper filters or the reusable filter. The machine does come with approximately five filters to get you started, but if you are like me, that just only last me two days. Even if coffee is something you do not care for, you can also use this item to make tea lattes. Chai tea would be a great thing to make a latte with. Cleanup is a breeze and I have no issue with not being able to place the carafe in the dishwasher. It has to be hand washed and I do so immediately after each use.
  • Shira - Get the Guy: Learn Secrets of the Male Mind to Find the Man You Want and the Love You DeserveMatthew truly understands men and women's needs for maintaining their own lifestyle and wanting to combine a life with someone else. He breaks things down in a fun and exciting way that opens your mind and gives you more insight so you can apply it to your own methods and find the true love you are looking for. I highly recommend his book and love his online seminars. Get your copy today!