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  • Penelope - Very happy with this productI am one of those unfortunate girls with a hormone imbalance. I have unwanted hair growth on my face: upper lip and two patches (quarter-sized) on both sides of my chin. As well as hair growth on my toes and navel. It is completely embarrassing. The hair is dark, coarse, thick and grows fast. I was very worried about buying this product because of all the negative reviews. I was also concerned because you are not suppose to use this product on your face. I went ahead and bought it anyway, because laser hair removal (professional) worked well for me before and the idea of using it at home sounded great. I use the product on my chin and upper lip. It stings, but not as bad as I remember it from the professional, which had me nervous that maybe it wasn't powerful enough to be effective, and that I wasted my money. However, after 6 weeks the hair is 70% gone. It's such a relief! The hair that is still growing is more fine and less dark. I am very pleased with this product---it would be great for other girls with my problem.
  • Big Buda - Awesomegreat storage Item for everything movies, songs, videos, clips, photos and the best thing is it helps to keep your tablet free and clear!!!
  • Lana Burke - Good advice that didn't bore to deathOk, I'll admit it, I bought three dating books on Kindle in one day. That's the joy of Kindle though, no one can see what you're reading!
    This book managed to dispense eye opening advice while also being light and fun and kept me reading until the end. In fact, it's so good I'm going to reread it now and write notes just to help really solidify all the advice for me.
    I also bought The Tao of Dating but haven't finished yet as it is very long, or at least feels long, and the writing feels a little too "come into my hut and hold these crystals as we talk about the beautiful goddess inside you." Dude, no.
    My third dating book purchase from the "oh God I am so lame xand single" buying spree was The Power of the Pussy. While that was a more light, fun and full of cussing read, I didn't really vibe with all of the female author's guidelines. I actually feel like TOO much emphasis was placed on not sleeping with them until they've committed to you and done this and that. I get you should value yourself, but...I wanna test run some stuff too you know? Also, I have more to offer than just my sexuality.
    Anyway, I loved Get the Guy. I will unabashedly tell my female friends about it and proudly display it on my Kindle (unless a hot guy walks by, then I will totally hide it).
    Also, can I date the author? He is too cute and British!
  • Adam C. Woehler - Billy Feels Like He Got One Over On UsThis is for the audio book version, which is the only way to experience this book in my opinion, especially for the chapters read in front of a live audience.

    Billy Crystal, as the title of his book implies, feels like he's fooled all of us into a lifetime career in show business. He may feel like that, but we all know his talent is real and HUGE. Yet, that is how he comes across reading his own words aloud, like he can't believe that he got to have this talent and this career. For a guy who has met and befriended some of the biggest names in sport and entertainment, his astonishment and reverence for the heroes and idols that have been in his life is genuine. And enviable. His humbleness, astonishment, centeredness and insight into life is also genuine. And enviable.

    And don't forget that there are laugh out loud moments in every chapter.