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  • john phillips - Pleaure and painBeing a regular bloke who watches Football and does not like watching the WWWF l had never even considered getting rid of the hair down below, this was before l discovered l had somehow got infected with 100's of tiny new friends down there.
    Also being a regular bloke l never, ever read reviews which is why l own 2 ''Sunggies'' and one of those lights you attach to your forehead to help you read at night ( those things really, really hurt ).
    l thought about just shaving but my hands tend to shake when l get excited , plus had no idea how to deal with the wrinkly bits, l was so excited to find this product in the local chemists ( funnily enough it was a full stack of them, no-one else had seemed to buy one before.
    I got home and again being a normal bloke l smothered the whole tube over my bits.
    As others have mentioned, the first minute or so is actually very good, l felt very much how a nice hotdog must feel.
    Then it got hotter and hotter and even hotter, my 2 veg vanished for their own protection and ''Percy'' turned a almost beautiful shade of deep purple. The good thing was that my little friends got the heck out of there, some using Percy as a tiny ( by then ) gangplank, was very much like rats leaving a sinking ship.
    I cannot describe the pain l felt, the closest l can come is a huge toothache....but a hot toothache, that's if your tooth was floppy and you were drinking battery acid, it hurt so bad it made the time l at on a wasps nest seem trivial, the bad thing is now its gone l kinda miss it.
    Fear not my friends, l soon discovered that ''Dannon'' yogurt ( Peach if possible ) along with that squirty cream works great as a relief, though you keep having to put more on every 20 minutes or so, as a bonus it smells pretty nice as well.
    Wonderful product, removes hair and also gets rid of unwanted visitors. 5 stars from me and l will buy again
  • michael galic - BEST INSURANCE:Peaceful and Dignifying ExitGreat comfort is to know that peaceful pill DOES exist.
    Somehow, SUFFERING, POVERTY, and PAIN are tolerated by the LEGAL HEALTH LAW. However, right to end SUFFERING is NOT!
    Highly recommend this book as the BEST INSURANCE against cruel suffering and the seller.
  • Paula H. Sutcliffe "perpetual wanderer" - Yearly giftThis is a birthday tradition - every year I give my husband the Baseball Prospectus (his birthday is in March- just before baseball season starts). I can't understand why he loves it so much- no plot!- but he depends on this to keep up with statistics or something-don't ask me- all I know is he wants this- I get it for him- and he's happy- and so am I (of course we're even happier when the Red Sox are winning-but that is another story).
  • M. Gorichs - Apparently you are never too old for this programI bought this program for my husband for his 65th birthday. He had just retired and I did not want him to end up sitting watching TV all day like his father did. He LOVES IT. We modify it and work out together every day. The first week we had to buy a large tube of Ben Gay and we head for the hot tub after our morning work out, but now as we finish week 5, we are doing so much better. We have increased the amount of weight we work with so there has to be muscle increase and we have lost pounds.
    My husband sets the alarm so we get up early. He never lets us miss our workout. Although I think Christmas Day will be an exception. The grandkids are not that patient. But then back to business. We LOVE Tony Horton. I have talked about P90X on Facebook and now our neighbors have bought it.
  • "sarafinasr" - Finally found what I was looking for!Due to constant poor health with no cause that any doctor could find, this book was recomended by a family friend when I was 15. Most unfortunately, I did not open it until I was 20. As I looked through it,I was amazed to find the answer I have been looking for for years. Yeast is more than an infection "down there," it can affect your whole life, causing fatigue, depression, weak immune system, irritability and more. This book gives examples of personal experience, which I could finally relate to. It explains how yeast can effect you, why it is there, and what you can do about it- which can be as easy as changing your diet in some cases. This was my saving grace! I took the book to my doctor and had to tell her what was wrong with me, since they never thought to look at yeast. After some testing, it was determined that this was indeed my problem, and now I am doing much better. If you think this may be your problem, read this! It could improve your life tremendously.