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  • BarbieVA - Origreenic PanI love my pan! I will say that I was not happy after "seasoning", at first. The instructions stated to let it cool completely before wiping out excess oil. When I let it cool, it was terribly sticky! None of the oil would wipe out, and I had used a very thin coating. I decided to use it as it was and was glad I did! After the first use, it wiped completely clean. (I made bacon in it.) I have used it almost every day now for two weeks with no problems. I made an over easy egg, with no oil or butter added, and it did not stick and was perfect. I will be purchasing every size they have!Orgreenic Frying Pan - 12" Frying Pan
  • Danielle Jones - Must HaveIf you're in medical school you know First Aid is a must have for Step 1. I'm coming up quickly on my Step 1 date and this is a wonderful resource. Do not attempt Step 1 without it!

    Well-written, easy to read, outline-style.

    Might need a few extra review books to further describe certain subjects.
  • S. Williams - Radical ReviewI recently received a free review copy of the book Radical: Taking back your faith from the American Dream by David Platt. This book is written by the pastor of one of the largest churches in Alabama. He compares the way we worship God here in America with the way many Christians around the world worship.

    According to Platt, we have our comfortable church buildings, easy religion, and a faith that is satisfied with just being comfortable. Platt issues a challenge to the church of America to lose our comfort and embrace the real teachings of Christ that we abandon it all and follow Him.

    This is not a new concept but Is presented in a new fresh way. While reading, I was struck with how Radical is challenging the Christians of today to do what the classic book In His Steps did in its day - to on purpose strive to live your faith like Jesus actually intended.

    If you are looking for a new book to upset your status quo spiritual life, this may be what you are wanting.

    I plan to pass this book to my dad and let him read it next.
  • Audio_Book_Addict - audio reviewThird book in the Outlander series, Diana Gabaldon's Voyager continues the story of Clair and Jamie in an intricate story that continues to teeter between two centuries. Thankfully, this book is also narrated by Davina Porter. With over 20 years in the audiobook industry, Porter continues to set the bar for all audio performers. Her mastery of dialects and devotion to the preparation of performing the books is evident in the riveting narrative. She has won several awards for her performances, including AudioFile's 50 Best Voices of the Last Century and two different Audie Awards (that I know of, she probably has more than that ... or certainly deserves more). This version was released about a year after the audio version of Dragonfly in Amber and I eagerly grabbed it to see what would become of the separated heroes. I've listened to it several times since then. At nearly 40 hours long, it is the longest Outlander novel yet, and well worth your investment of time. There are few performed books that can provide that much entertainment for less than 2 dollars an hour (at suggested retail price)! If you have the opportunity to listen to this version, you will also be thrilled with it.
  • Danny R. Porter - Interesting history readAs usual Brad grabs your attention and does not overload you with facts. There are just enough facts to make you think. To intrigue you into continuing to read. waiting for the next story shift. In the end he lays out what he has found and leaves it up to you to decide. Case solved or should I keep digging.