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  • Kevin I Snyder - Excellent moderately sized stroller.My wife and I are loving this stroller. It rides great, is easy to fold and transport, is small enough to allow us movement through compact spaces (although it is not nearly as small/compact as an umbrella stroller), and seems pretty durable (we've been using it for 2 months). We also purchased a Britax car seat and use that in combo with the stroller to get our infant around town. We've yet to use it without the car seat or any other attachments (cup holders, etc.).
  • W. - SCD has worked for meA year and a half ago I tried this diet based solely on the reviews I read here. I have been in remission since then. I remember reading these very reviews thinking, "How can this book be a cure when I've had this disease for over a decade and nobody's mentioned it to me? If it was as simple as this diet, surely a doctor would have recommended it by now." I was highly skeptical. I was even worried that it was a cult or something, that it was New Age bunk, positive thinking, or something bizarre like that. But I tried it and, in short, the diet started working for me within 48 hours, and I stuck with it all the way through to total remission for 18 months now. I no longer need to be on the diet, and eat whatever I want now, because the diet has apparently reversed my Crohn's, as wild as that sounds, after a little less than the year she recommends one should adhere to it. I am still truly amazed. I'm writing this to the person out there reading this page who is like I was, skeptical to the core, burned in the past by New Age snake oil, and wary. I don't know if it will work for you, but it has worked for me. It was designed by a biochemist who has a real working theory behind it, and it is logical when you look at her reasoning. The idea is that complex carbs are just too taxing on your system, and removing them for a substantial period of time can sort of re-boot your GI tract. The one caveat is that I found I really had to be uncompromisingly strict with this diet, especially early on. I had to read all labels, give up restaurants, and needed my partner and family to help improvise a way of eating on this austere diet that was workable. It was not easy, but it was miles easier than being sick and in pain, so I stuck to it doggedly. It has paid off more than I ever expected. I feel obligated to write this review because the reviews that came before mine are responsible for me trying this diet, which, without overstatement, saved my life.
  • wiredweird "wiredweird" - Beautifully doneThis is a fitting companion to Tufte's three earlier books on presenting. Like the others, its construction is strong and physically beautiful. Its clear layout pervasively demonstrates its points about organization of visual data. In a few places, an image crosses the fold in the two-page spread; images bleed back to the binding, so the centermost part of the image is sometimes hard to read. That's my only criticism - please note how small a criticism it is.

    Tufte uses this book to convey one large message: unite your text and imagery. They are a whole, and separating them damages the whole of your presentation. Trying to repair that damage causes even more problems - inept cross-referencing, erratic jumping between different parts of a book, and other bumbling stitchery that tries to repair the rent text.

    Tufte offers many specific examples and suggestions for presenting the unified image. Since his writing demonstrates the density of information he proposes, and since it is too heavily visual for the review of this text to capture, I must direct you to the book itself to see what it's really about. The only section that I couldn't understand as part of a unified whole was the last chapter. Although its discussion of statuary and its pedestal relates clearly to Tufte's despised "chartjunk," his portfolio of his own large-scale sculpture seemed gratuitous - enjoyable, perhaps, but tangential and self-indulgent. That doesn't weaken any of his points, though. If you present complex ideas, you must have this book.

  • C. Wilson "My2wins" - Passion, Debauchery, Nobility and ChaosThe Hutzler 571 Banana Slicer marks the return of acclaimed inventor Martin Q. Hutzler (Bacon Floss, Fundies the underwear built for two, Rice Bra, umbrella rain tube, Flowbee) and brilliantly captures the passions, debauchery, occasional glimpses of nobility and ultimately the chaos that engulfs the morning routine of a typical family in their final days before the full-scale outbreak of insanity, markedly foreshadowed by the adoption of special breakfast preparation devices, and specifically those of a banana slicing nature.
  • Dr. Von Uupsdeschpluugin - Best small tablet for the money.....but the Nexus is right there with itBest small tablet for the money, hands down. Great screen. Nice features. Lots of apps. With Amazon Prime, this thing is a total portable entertainment device. Is the iPad, better? In some ways, yes. But I have the iPad and I am not a huge fan, mainly because I am not a fan of any of Apple's OS. I think they make great hardware and just and okay OS. The Android OS in the Kindle Fire is better and for the millions who are Android users, the Fire is a breeze to use. For the dollars, the Kindle Fire wins......but the Google Nexus is virtually neck and neck. Tough to make that choice.