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  • Cynthia A. Forrest - Align is the probiotic for my IBSI have had Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Proctalgia Fugax since I was a child. I have tried many, many probiotics and medications to calm my colon. However, for some reason, this probiotic works for me. I am not sure why. If I do not take it one day, the spasms in my colon come right back. I just wish the cost of this product was less. The cost of about a dollar a pill is very expensive for me. But trips to the emergency room are VERY expensive and embarrassing.
  • scott watson - Fantastic ProductI have used this product for about 4 weeks now and it works just as well as it did from week one. I do not have Hydrosis but I did sweat a bit from my armpit. I has totally blocked that and I can walk around with confidence. Since it is working so well I decided to go ahead and purchase two more boxes.
    I have also used it for my groin area and it works fairly well. It did not work for my hands however. Regardless I'm very happy with this product.
  • C. D. Gosnell "book loving mom" - OraJel Single Use Cold Sore TreatmentI received this FREE sample of OraJel and used it on a cold sore as soon as it began to 'tingle'. The single use applicator was easy to use and the healing effect began almost instantly. Usually cold sores last for days and days but this time it was gone by the next day. I will always have this product on hand. Anyone who suffers from cold sores should do the same. Thank you ORAJEL for this wonderful product.