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  • Jen A Bookworm - I will never forgetI have read this book many times. I heard about it on the christian radio I begged my mom to buy me a copy. She was surprised that I wanted a book about not dating for Christmas. By the time I was half way through this amazing book I had laughed, cried, and asked God to please help me live the way that Josh talked about. I do not think that getting to know someone and being in a relationship is wrong but, I agree with Josh that we should get to know the person first. I think one of my favorite parts of this entire book was all of the many verses that were in it. It is one thing to here about what man says about dating it is another to here about what God thinks. I was amazed that so many people thought of this book as silly or unrealistic. The stories showed me how I didnt want to act when I do start dating. Overall thios is a wonderful book that I think all teens need to read. I will never forget the things that I learned in this book.
  • J. Peplinski - Impressions from a very inexperienced newbieI must let you know up front that I am VERY inexperienced in the digital art field and just got my pressure-sensitive Craft Tablet last week, which also came with Adobe Photoshop and Corel Painter (both Essentials versions). So I'm just learning all three programs and feel like I have barely scratched the surface, but perhaps somebody reading this might be considering dipping a toe in the water and my inexperienced opinion might come in handy.

    First off, Sketchbook is VERY easy to jump in and use right away. I haven't done much other than doodle yet, but figuring out how to switch tools and change the properties of each tool (color, line thickness, opacity, etc). The symmetry tools are very cool and I can imagine they would make for some amazing graphic designs! The program is extremely responsive to the touch of pen to tablet; apparently you can decrease the responsiveness if it's just a bit too precise but I really like it that way. I jumped in and made some cool calligraphy scripts which would be really fun for embellishing photos or artwork for invitations or other printing projects. It also supports the "erase" function if your pen has one, though so far I can only get it to erase EVERYTHING at once like a digital eraser, and not softly bit-by-bit like Corel Painter - although maybe this feature is available but I haven't found it yet.

    The strengths of this program really seem to be sketching and graphic design. I must say I think that Corel Painter feels like a stronger painting program (as one might expect); I can't seem to find as many brushstroke and layering options in Sketchbook so I enjoy that more for watercolor-type projects. And Photoshop seems like a stronger photo editor, again as one might expect from the name and reputation. I'm really glad to have all three programs and all the options at my fingertips because they all have great strengths over one another. I haven't tried to use any of them without the pressure-sensitive tablet, which is what makes them all so unique and fun, so I'd highly recommend that.

    As a newbie I would say TRY IT if you have any inclination toward sketching, graphic design, or digital artwork. You'll find Autodesk Sketchbook very easy and fun, and who knows, maybe you'll create the next great art sensation!
  • Linda - Love, Love, Love it!I was a little unsure when I bought this single server. I am a fresh ground coffee girl and these were pre ground. So I also bought the insert that lets you use your own coffee. My advice: forget the insert and use the cups. Super convenient and excellent coffee once you figure out what you like (I like the extra bold varieties). About the cost of the cups: When you register your coffee maker on the Keurig site, they give you a coupon code for your first order of cups: buy 2 boxes (usually 24 cups) and get 2 boxes free. If you meet a certain minimum, you also get free shipping (very fast delivery) and no tax. The price can't be beat. After that, you're on your own, but I have seen them for sale everywhere.

    Some reviewers have complained about not knowing how much water to put in. I haven't had that problem, it's clearly marked. When I want to add more water to the biggest cup, I open the top again after the water goes into the reservoir and pour more water in. I start with a cupful of water and I end with a cupful of coffee. No worries!