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WDGMC - Wits Donald Gordon Medical Centre - Wits University Donald Gordon Medical Centre (WDGMC) was established in 2002


Country: Africa, ZA, South Africa

  • Glen T. Lukasik - I CAN'T BELIEVE HOW WELL THIS PRODUCT WORKS!I have been through so many different types of shirts, trying to make sure that I will either seat less, or that sweat won't show. The problem I have is that when I "pop, I can't stop". I've joked about it in the past, because once I start sweating, I need to be right in front of a fan blowing cool air, in order to stop. my body temperature can quickly spike, but it takes forever for it to come back down. If I take a glass of ice water and chug it, I will actually start sweating... it's like my body tries to over-compensate for the cold water it just took in. Right before I purchased this product, I was buying expensive golf shirts (which I still love and wear) to try to keep me from sweating. They look good, but they didn't really help... my underarms are the worst, because the can't really get any ventilation unless you raise your arms... but who wants to raise their arms if they have sweaty pits? The first time I used this product, I didn't read the directions very well, and I rubbed the pads on my underarms, which irritated them pretty badly. I did stop sweating though... for about 9 days. I then read the directions and realized I needed to only "dab" the pads on my underarms. I sometimes forget to use the product every 7 days, because it will work sometimes 9-15 days before I start noticing I am sweating under my arms. I still sweat under my arms when I work out, but my day-to-day improvement is amazing! I hope it can help you as much as it does me!
  • Char - Totally makes sense!Finally!!!! Someone listened....one of the worst feelings you can have is when your doctor doesn't believe how healthy you eat, because of your weight. Thank you for The Plan....looking forward to saying goodbye to all trigger foods...and hello to food that has been off of my dinner table tor years!