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  • Van E. Wehrle "netShark" - Works out of the box, no tinkering. (Win7)The 3TB drive, paid $114/ delivered via Amazon: Plugged it in and started copying 612 GB of data from one of my internal SATA drives using Teracopy @ 92MB/s. Doesnt make any noise, just sits there and does what it's supposed to.

    Only con is the extremely glossy piano black, barely touch it and it's all fingerprinted. Probably have to dust it off every couple days.

    Will buy another 3 or so of these and then later pull the drives out of the enclosures and put them inside one of those multibay enclosures. Cheaper this way than buying external drives without enclosures.

    I just got it today, so I'll update this if anything goes wrong down the road.
  • zattack "-Z" - Improving on an already great bookNo errata so far, if you are waiting for errata, you can keep waiting. The authors gave me and about 3000 other students a chance to edit the 2013 edition for a couple months before its release in Jan 2013. I can tell you that the editing box was riddled with comments and suggestions that they took to heart. The comments and changes resulted in what I believe to be the best first aid yet, a first aid that conveys the information more concisely without the extra book of errata that accompanies the 2012 FA.

    Other notes:

    Addition of more information to supplement such as a drug tox chart and other things that are really high yield.

    The embryo section was split into organ systems

    I strongly urge you to buy this book if you are studying for step 1. I believe it an essential part for those few months we have to study.

    Im going to get back to it. Good luck everyone!