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  • Kevin Renner "Author, In Search of Fatherhood... - A Glorious BookThis book is remarkable. It's an interesting combination of art, cross-cultural anthropology, but most importantly a pragmatic guide to help 21st century westerners and others get out of back pain and prevent it.

    The premise is what struck me first--that someone had the idea of looking into cultures where people do hard physical labor but experience considerably less back pain than those of us in the first world countries. It hits you as a rather obvious learning opportunity once you hear the idea, but no one capitalized on it until Esther.

    That she delivers the material so sensibly and gracefully is (in addition to her method) what separates this book from others on pain management. As the many medical doctors say in their cover quotes (2 pages worth) for the book, this is a great contribution.
  • CJRH12 - Great infant entertainer!There are a lot of toys out there to entertain a baby. Many of those toys are annoying to the parents because of the music/noise involved. This product is fun for my baby and also pleasant for me. The tone of the music is mellow and there is a volume control for it. I like how I can add more toys to the hanging rings.

    If your baby likes to kick his/her feet, this is a great product. I haven't converted it yet, as my daughter is only 4.5 months. She has been using this since about 7 weeks of age. She rolls over pretty well now, so I also utilize the loops on the actual mat to attach more ground-level toys for her to play with. Whether she's enjoying tummy time or playing on her back, this toy entertains her. It's the mat toy she uses the most at this point.