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  • Melissa - Exposed Skin has worked for my teenager!My daughter is fourteen and she was breaking out on the forehead and both sides of her face. Tried every product in the store Neutrogena, Clearasil, Oxy wash, etc. I looked online and was considering ordering Proactive and saw a website about skincare and it said Exposed Skin was a better product to use. Never heard of the product and I thought I would let her try it since it had a 100% money back guaranteed. Since my daughter has been using the product (December 2012) her forehead and left side of face has completely cleared the right side she still has some blemish but not like it was before she started using Exposed. She washes her face twice daily and during the day she is using a light concealer for the few blemishes and for a teenager her complexion looks great!
  • brittlestar - Comprehensive Med school InfoThis book gives you the overall view of all the medical schools in the US as well as Canada. It includes the general requirements, range and average MCAT scores of the accepted class of 2005 and also characteristics of student body. Very useful for those who are doing research on where to apply.
  • Laurie Knowles "octobia" - Stunning Art and WritingThis is my second year in a row with the We'moon calendar book and this one is even more exquisite than last year's edition. The artwork, vivid colors, lovely, inspiring and clever verse and insightful prose make this a gem all through the year. As someone whose handwriting is a little on the large size, my only negative is a desire for a little more room to write -- busy weeks get very crowded.

    Worth every penny and more.
  • Kb "Kb" - Shouldn't have waited so long to make this purchase.Been searching for facial cream that works this well for a long time. This product is worth every penny!
    Light, easily applied, wonderful scent like a light lemon chiffon. Some reviews complained of scent, and that quality of product was inconsistent. Got mine from Amazon and can only hope quality remains same with multiple purchases.
    I had tried prescription face creams, (ones used for patients having radiation treatment) none helped with my dry, sandpaper feeling face. But Hope in a Jar has made my skin smooth and soft again, using twice a day I noticed improvement within first few days.
    Get it, it really is worth it!
  • Carol Olah "dog wuver" - This stuff is awesome!I made a tooth my first try. I have a bottom tooth that fell out and need to find a dentist. I have a big Dentist phobia(Bad past experiences). So this is a fix for now. It's not a perfect tooth, and I will probably give it another try to make one better, but it's fairly simple to make it.
    Thank you for making this product to help me through.
    I give this item 5 stars! It's awesome! Now to find that dentist and the $$$ to help me overcome my phobia.