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  • Avery Morrow "Hello!" - Read this bookYou owe it to yourself as an American, or as someone in any country who may someday face disaster, to read this book. It is a story of individual heroism and institutional betrayal. It is a story about a family man and a community hero tortured by the country he loves. Dave Eggers has rid himself of his postmodern, self-mocking purple prose and come to focus on the hard facts of modern life in times of hardship. If this isn't a life-changing book, I don't know what is.
  • DavidJones - It's a great tabletThe Samsung Galaxy Tablet 2 is great. It does everything you want and then some. It's easy to use and has all the features you would want.
  • Ginger-read Reviews - A quirky cast of characters, plopped into some of the most terrifying situations you could imagine!Reviews for long running series are always harder to write. I could delve into the plot and characters for you but, if you're a fan of the series this would be basic information you already have. On the other hand if you are new to the series, I could be giving away spoilers or just plain confusing you. Dilemma.

    What I can discuss freely, and might appeal to both sets of readers, is the growth of the series as a whole.

    At the beginning of the Experiment in Terror series, Perry is a timid, insecure and unsure of herself as a woman. She's grown so much over the series. Ashes to Ashes brought on, not a new, but a matured Perry Palamino. All the things that made me love her from the start are still there but there is more to her now. She is at the precipice of coming into her own. She's forging who she is as an adult, as a woman and as a partner. All while still sporting Doc Martin boots, metal band Tshirts and a snarky attitude. She is, still, one of my all time favorite heroines.

    Perry is not the only thing or character that has evolved. Dex has done his fair share too. He's become more selfless, more caring, more understanding and someone you know without a can rely on. He was always a little bit of all those things but he's much more now. There is more at stake for him and he knows it and it's adjusted, not changed, his reaction to things.

    The scare level has also evolved. Tenfold. Ashes to Ashes is the scariest EIT book to date. Hands down.

    Halle has created a special kind of terror with demons and ghost children and old tuberculosis sanatoriums. It's not a book I would have enjoyed reading at night, alone. Not remotely. Reading it in the daylight was not even enough to keep my eyes from watering with tears of fear and my hands from shaking in terror.

    If you are a fan of horror and a fan of romance, no other series will hold a candle to Experiment in Terror. Halle has created an amazing cast of quirky characters and plopped them into some of the most terrifying situations you could imagine. She puts them through the gauntlet both physically and mentally and let's the reader hold on for dear life. I couldn't ask for more from an author.
  • Carol M Fox - Fascinating true story of growing up during China's Cultural RevolutionThis book is extraordinarily well written. It is the true story of a young girl's experiences growing up in China during the Cultural Revolution and managing to maintain a positive outlook on life in spite of the incredible hardships she endures. Ping Fu overcomes many obstacles to become a mother and a top tech entrepreneur in the US. The superb narrative is gripping, and remarkable in its ability to convey both emotional hardship and techological success. This is a book definitely worth reading. Once you open it, you won't be able to put it down.
  • Jeremy - IncredibleIt's completely beyond me how even one person could say that this is one of the worst albums they've ever heard, or that Another Brick in the Wall is even remotley about not conforming to social or educational beliefs. First, I would be extremely proud to say that The Wall is at least one of the top ten albums in the history of recorded music, as well as Dark Side of the Moon. Second, the entire album is not about not conforming, it's about breaking down emotional and mental barriers and overcoming the problems around you. It's also not completely about Roger Waters, 75% of what Waters and Gilmour wrote was actually about Syd Barret, that is, if you un-informed listeners even know, was the first lead singer of Pink Floyd until he was forced to be placed in a mental insitution because he suffered from sciczophrenia. Third, I read a review that mentioned the musicianship being only "Average" as well as the vocals. I would like to say that just because David Gilmour is not the fastest guitarist out there does not mean that he is not a incredibly gifted musiscian. I know that whoever wrote that review obviously has no idea what to listen for in a song or an album. David Gilmour is certainly one of the best guitarists in history, and one of the most underrated. Also, the members of Pink Floyd did use alot of drugs, but obviously (And I think a huge amount of people would agree with me on this) it did not plague their creativity at all. Overall, if you're going to even try and say something negative about The Wall, get your facts straight, learn how to appreciate real music, and learn a little bit more about music in general before you go around saying that one of the greatest bands of all time, created one of the most horrific and intolerable peices of music ever to be exposed to human ears. Pink Floyd found stunning success with Dark Side of the Moon, but this success was even eclipsed by The Wall. Dark Side of the Moon turned Pinky Floyd into superstars. The Wall turned them into icons that will live on in rock'n'roll history forever as the most innovative, and one of the most talented groups in the history of recorded music.