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  • James I. Burns "Lanterloon" - Simply the Best -- Gets better every year!Better than all the rest. This is an annually updated guide to finding your next job. Your next career. Your next passion. Read the book completely once. Then block off a day or two of your life and do the exercises.

    If you don't understand who you are, and what you have to offer, how can you find the right vocation ?

    This book makes a great graduation gift.
  • jpbolen - Tentatively hopefulI too heard the pitch on a Dr. Oz promo and it resonated with me. So I taped the show, watched it later and decided I could commit 20 days of my life to try this program. I'm not overweight. I am at the top end of my range, post-menopausal and tired of being tired. I too eat healthy, don't eat out much, and am moderately active. What I am though is allergic to absolutely everything outside, most things inside and several odd foods, including, supposedly, chickpeas, which appear on the diet on day 3 or 4. Although, the doctor said I reacted to almost everything they tested on me. My allergies would cause my esophagus to seize while eating proteins, causing several embarrassing issues in public. My thought was that by following The Plan I could calm my system down and begin again to find out what were my triggers and learn to live a life with foods I knew wouldn't set me off. I started the week ahead of time with the water, MSM, probiotics, B-12 and Kelp (after determining low thyroid function). With that practice in place, I hit the health food store and stocked up on groceries for the week, wrote out the menu on one side and the recipes on the other side of a journal and began. I can't agree that the flax granola will ever become addictive, but I can deal with it for the time being and make it a twice-weekly part of my diet in the future. I do agree you can put the spicy-coconut sauce on anything and it tastes good. On day five of the program now and I've lost 3 pounds. But the greatest side effect for me is that I have taken no Prilosec for four days now. My acid reflux was so severe the doctors were going to schedule a scope next year. I knew living on large doses of Prilosec long term was bad. But even removing coffee and chocolate from my diet gave me no relief. Last night I had my one ounce of chocolate, felt a little twinge, but was able to sleep without any issues. My only real recommendation is try this, you'll feel better. And get the bound copy, not the Kindle one. It is a pain to transfer back and forth from the menu to the recipes on a Kindle.
  • Drago - Yellow Balls/Bridgestone e6My balls are bright yellow making them easy to track and easy to find. I do play with both yellow balls and/or white balls depending upon the day and/or conditions. The Bridgestone e6's have real distance and control just as advertised. And at this price they are a real steal deal. Compare my e6 yellow or white balls to Titlelist NXT's and in my opinion you'll find little or no difference and the price is much more user friendly. Recommend that you make your balls Yellow or white Bridgestone e6.
  • Bill Sawyer - An Excellent AdditionEarly on in the book, Sam states, "While I don't see how either premise 1 or 2 can be reasonably doubted, my experience discussing these issues suggests that I should address such skepticism, however far-fetched it may seem." And, from Leo King's review, it seems that Sam's skepticism was well earned.

    It is always amazing to me that I perceive that the strongest opponents to the positions held by fine writers like Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, and others comes from those living the "Good Life" as Sam describes it. I seriously doubt you would ever find a woman subjected to the horrors of female mutilation describing the practice as her living the good life. Nor do I suspect that the Albania men living in virtual imprisonment would describe themselves as part of the good life. It takes those who are living the good life with a complete disregard for others, to proclaim that some ancient book is somehow the best description of what is to be. And that scientists should somehow stay out of it, while they continue to trample the scientific realms. BAH!

    This is an excellent addition to the growing library of those of us who believe in humanist principles. More importantly, it is now out there for others. I know that at a much earlier point in my life I would have treasured this book even more than I do now. But nothing like this existed then. Sam will undoubtedly keep those who read it from spending years in ignorance. It will hopefully move them more quickly to a "Good Life" than those of us who proceeded them. This book won't win the war. For the war is not truly one of bombs and bullets, but it is one of ideas. Those ideas are weighed on the scale of the intellects of the people that encounter them, and Sam has added a hefty weight to the scale.

  • K. Pierce "Optimistic" - This one works!I tried one other product for skin tags, and it smelled like diesel fuel and just plain didn't work. So I was skeptical about this one, but amazingly it actually works, and works quickly for the little skin tags, at least. Scuff up the surface of them, put this on, cover it up with a little circle band-aid and let it work overnight. Mine were all gone within 3 applications, and I couldn't be happier. They just dry up and fall off! I had no discomfort afterwards, but if using on a larger area there might be some. I give the product 5 stars, because it does what it claims it will do.