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  • Heather Grace "Optimist" - Beautiful, DevastatingI read this book nearly breathless the whole time. I finished it in only two sittings. It is a fast, well-paced read. I really loved What is the What by the same author and I am fascinated to see what story he will tell next.
    Zeitoun made me cry with indignation. I hate the knowledge that horrible things can happen to people, and that other people can treat fellow human beings with such ignorance and cruelty.
    At its core, this story is very universally an "American Dream" met, lost, and regained again. It is also the story of a horrible catastrophe in our nation's history, and a blemish on our human rights record. The book follows the events of Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath as told by the Zeitoun family. I was especially interested to read about Kathy Zeitoun's conversion to Islam.
    I found this book compelling and sad, an important narrative about the humanity and inhumanity in all of us.
  • Teresa T. Simmons "tiggerpets" - alignThis product works great for me. I take alot of medications and have experienced constipation but the Align has worked. Gentle on my system and I would recommend it to anyone who has a slow system.
  • Andres900 - Expanding the boundaries of human intellectTalk about mind expansion! Is it just me, or do others also feel more intelligent after reading Sam Harris' writing? Challenging and boldly expanding the boundaries of our intellect, The Moral Landscape not only questions religion's previously unquestionable (at the risk of humiliation, prejudice, torture, and even death) monopoly on human morality, but also explains, with unparalleled clarity, how science and our own brains are capable of providing stronger, more reliable, more beneficial, and more objective answers to our profound moral questions. I can't help but recall the numerous times I have been asked (albeit with wholly reasonable justification) by individuals of various religions and non-religions, "where oh where will we humans derive our moral compass if not from religion?" Finally, a wonderful answer to such a critical dilemma. Reading Mr. Harris' magnificently thought-provoking argument truly makes me feel as a witness to the living and breathing progression of human intelligence. I'm glad to be around to see this. I'll put my bottom-line opinion very simply, if you have ever caught yourself wondering about the direction of the human race, or if you have ever found yourself caring at all about our place in the history of the world, read this book.
  • Michael Witten "JERZ79" - Parachute!Wow! I love this book....I recently lost my job after two years. Ironically, I didn't want to be there anymore, but I was changing careers and had to learn as much as I could before moving on. So, I revamped my resume and visited companies on a daily basis, in person. I got noticed immediately, was called in for several interviews, one with a great company. After one month of going back and forth, they pulled the position. I lost my job because I called out for one of the interviews and couldn't miss another day. I've learned through this experience, always hold on to your job no matter how much you hate it, just till you actually get your dream job. Don't leave based on solid interviews, only when they actually HIRE you because like Mr. Bolles mentions, things can fall through. I've been out of work for two months, but have a lot of support and money put away.

    Here's the funny thing....the company that pulled the position in the first place, called me and wants to meet again. I guess Duck was right, luck plays a role in job-hunting, but things have a mysterious way of working out. Great book, highly recommend it!