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  • June Wright - Excellent present for a just 5 year oldMy 5 year old granddaughter just loves this product. The apps provided are well chosen to develop awareness and interest and her level of engagement is very high. I anticipate this will be a favourite 'toy' for some time - her parents are discussing a schedule of use to ensure she maintains a play 'balance'!
  • John: future Criminal Justice Ph.D. student - Mitt's Binders: The perfect accessory for all Moma's Boys :-) !For decades I've been afflicted by a severe inferiority complex brought on by my inability to trap and keep the women I'm interested in. I've tried snake oil salesmen, shrinks, quacks, government programs, psychotherapeutics, medical marijuana and other drugs, yoga, exercise, hair braiding, Sauron's Ring of Power, and numerous other things I'd rather not to mention (and painful to boot!).

    I've always thought my inability to trap and keep interesting women was due to being fat, having crooked teeth and a forked tongue (plus a lisp), working as a McSlave at Burger King, driving a Pacer, and living on the wrong side of the railroad tracks in my little Southern town (along with being a Moma's Boy). But now, thanks to my corporate savior-as-person Mitt Romney, I now realize the fault lies not in me ... but in the failure of my unionized public school teachers to properly teach me the contribution that binders make to dating and mating success in the corporate world.

    In the 28 hours since I purchased Mitt's highly-recommended binders--sorry, Amazon, I needed binders NOW so I camped out in my local Staples parking lot to be first in line--in various shades of blue (sky, cobalt, navy, cerulean, democratic, indigo, and my all-time favorite, the Stones' Black and Blue shade) my life has become simply fabulous! I now have properly-labeled binders stuffed full of every type of interesting women imaginable including Amazons, dominatrix (what's a Moma's Boy to do?), nurses (they know so many interesting things!), and many, many--so many!--others. My binders come fully-equipped with beds, whips and chains, glamorous kitchens, expensive vacuums, glass ceilings, and all the other accoutrements highly-valued by the .01% (and us wannabes). I've got so many binders that I'm express mailing one to Ann so she can take a vacation---

    How's that for a recommendation :-) !
  • Heisenberg - Incredibly fun and Immersive!If you spend more than 10 minutes with this game, it's very hard to turn off. Stadiums, fields, players model all look good, but the animation is really nice. The crowds really get into the action with all the chants, it is absolutely awesome. The controls have a bit of a steep learning curve, but once you get the hang of it, the game feels very natural to control. For those that complain about licensing, please remember that updated Option Files will take care of that! This is the only game that has UEFA & Copa Libertadores. I really hope more people play online this year, the community needs to grow!
  • 564232 - Got rid of 90% of pain in my neckI got rid of 90% of pain in my neck and my back is improving. The only problem I find with this book is stretch lying. If I do it for a long time my neck starts to hurt. As I understand overstretching the neck or back has the same effect as putting too much pressure on the structure of your neck and back. The other things that helps my neck is Tai-chi, Alexander Technique, massaging and stretching my neck muscle and gentle exercise which involves drawing the alphabet in the air with my nose.
  • Carpet - Time to organizeWas looking for a way to balance my home spending and a small business without having to spend hours a week.I can look at everything daily with little effort and track my spending. By being able to look at my spending in a different light I was to adjust a few thing and save money, which is what I like to do!