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  • Foodie - Good experience even for a proessional artistI was reluctant to try this process, feeling a bit snobby as a mid-career artist with a BFA and MFA in painting. I was leery of sappiness of this program. But finding myself frustrated with my work, feeling too tightly wound and over analytical, it was just the anecdote I needed. In some ways this program is the counterbalance to my MFA program which I finished 15 yrs ago and left me firmly planted in my brain - thinking, thinking, thinking - over thinking. This book helped me to create again through my intuition and to trust my instincts. I'm certainly not suggesting that thought and analysis are not important integral parts of art making which is at its core problem solving. But I do agree with the premise that artistic "block" stems from living too much in your brain.

    The book gives you simple weekly and daily exercises that are reflective and thoughtful. There is plenty of talk of "god" or "spirit" "source" or "universe" but it also clarifies that you may simply substitute in "creative intuition" or "muse" or some such term if you are not comfortable with the religious undertones. For me this was uncomfortable at first, given that I was totally in my rational head, but this sort of leap of faith is just what I needed. Some of the exercises did not apply as well to me, but I can almost always find some benefit, even if small. Many are cathartic. The daily process of the morning pages is both a grueling task and a revelation.

    In conclusion, I would highly recommend this process for any creative person, no matter what "level" you have achieved thus far. There is always room to grow and learn, and this is a provocative and enriching experience.
  • C. Voisin - Wish I'd found this a long time agoAbreva works!!!!!!!! I used to get cold sores quite often, but since starting abreva, I haven't had one in an entire year. I kind of know what triggers them for me, so I try to anticipate the break out and begin applying the cream before hand. I dont wait for any tingly feelings to confirm that it is happening for sure, I just start abreva when a possible trigger happens. I probably use it sometimes when I dont need it, but I'd rather waste the medicine than have to deal with a break out. What triggers mine is when the first cold fronts come through and my lips get chapped, excessively stressful times, or when my lips get sun or wind burned. If any of those things happen, I'll apply the abreva 2 or 3 times a day for 2 days, and so far so good. Zero blisters since starting Abreva!!!! Anticipate your triggers and apply. That's the trick!!
  • Douglas Turner - Excellent ProductI purchased this for my wife to collect and organize family recipes. I had a little trouble installing it (my computer was the problem) but the help from customer assistance quickly resolved the problem. It is a very well thought out product and she was entering recipes immediately. I have to say this is the first software I've seen in a long time that makes life easier, not more complicated. We are both very happy and will be making good use of the Living Cookbook for a long time.