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  • Marv O - WD 4TB Personal Cloud NASI should have done this a long time ago. Great network storage that also allows me to back up my workstations and laptop with ease. I also really appreciate the ability to access the personal cloud anywhere my laptop or smartphone has Internet connectivity. Very easy to set up. I look forward to learning all the features and capabilities of this great consumer product. I would recommend it highly to anyone looking to set up or use on a home network.
  • Marlin McElwain "Marlin" - DHEA is wonderful -- if you really need it!!!DHEA is a miraculous supplement but only if you truly need it. It works indirectly by boosting your body's own production of hormones -- but only if you are low in something. It could be considered more of an hormone equalizer than actual booster -- it will bring you back up to 20something year old levels if you are low. My testosterone was low but not enough for the doctor to put me on injections so 9 months ago I started looking for a natural solution from my fatigue and general bad moodiness. I have not had one headache or any sickness, sleep is better and my mood has improved drastically. I have more energy for workouts (actually looking forward to them again) and I've trimmed about 8 pounds while adding a lot of lean muscle mass. I can't say enough about this awesome supplement but it may only help you if you are already deficient in testosterone, which I definitely was when I started. It has to build up in your system so I didn't get the full effect for about 4 weeks. I take high doses but only because my system handles it - about 100mg per day - but everyone is different so if you try it, start slow around 25mg per day and ramp up from there, if needed. It does not work like a drug -- it simply boosts your natural hormone production. I am sure that some folks who try it get some negative effects, hence the negative reviews. Think of it in terms of if you were to start taking testosterone or estrogen directly, would it cause break outs or headaches or trouble sleeping or other bad effects? It seems to me that it wouldn't hurt to try (at least two weeks) and if it doesn't work or you get any negative effects, just stop taking it and you will return back to normal very quickly.
  • nomorenicknamesleft "nomorenicknamesleft" - Made me into a UFC champ!Transformed my life! I won the junior UFC nano weight division title after drinking 5 gallons of Tuscan whole milk (though nearly did get disqualified because of the weight gain, a quick wet burp before the weigh in took care of that).

    Emboldened after the fight, with a Tuscan 1 gallon milk jug in hand, I headed out to the Vegas clubs and bumped (and burped) into Megan Fox. I'd like to think that I have massive python biceps and I tucked her up against my chest (sort of like those romance novel covers)...but really my scrawny arms barely blocked the martini glass she hurled in my direction. Then her twin beefy body guards grabbed my shoulders with their pinkies (ouch!) and much to my surprise instead of being pummeled flat into the ground (nodding towards the Tuscan milk jug) they casually spun me around and slipped me into Megan's embrace.

    Needless to say my stomach did a flip flop and up chucked a Tuscan cheese ball that landed dead center in her cleavage. Instead of the anticipated crotchgrabandtwist move she plucked the aforementioned cheese ball from her decolletage and plopped into her mouth. Her eyes (they're pretty big to begin with) exploded with delight, she grabbed me by the collars, wedging the Tuscan milk jug between us and proceeded to lambada me to her limo.

    Well, needless to say a private "party" ensued at her secluded Vegas residence. Thank goodness for Tuscan milk - it kept the mojo going on. Now two years later, I'm still going strong. Yeah, I'm locked up in Megan's Vegas condo, have to do the whole milkman thing, but hey - I'm not complaining - I get to hold her milk jugs every morning. Thanks Tuscan Whole Milk!
  • Judith D. Bedrosian "Picky Reader" - I'm Amazed!I am shocked at the reviews of this product. I have the roughest heels inthe world! I have tried
    EVERYTHING and nothing has ever worked as well as the PediSpin. I don't dare to use it at
    full speed because it goes so fast, but I have wonderful success just using it at the low speed.

    I showed it tomy manicurist yesterday when I got my pedicure and said that the only reason I
    Needed the pedicure was for the polish change.

    I am ordering additional ones today to use for stocking stuffers for my girls.
  • Ana "anaradulovic" - Very cool book for all New York lovers!Humans of New York is really like a Minitrip to the Big Apple. No other book that I know of tells so many little stories at once and brings you the people who live there any closer. This book is a love declaration to people who all have hopes dreams and fears, different and yet the same. Read it and learn about all those people who all have a story. Travel to New York and who knows, you might run into Brandon Stanton and end up being photographed yourself.