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  • David Schlueter - Quickbooks - the best return on any investment you'll get all year!It started slowly for me. I've had a few businesses over the years, and I started off with Quicken. While it's a great product in it's own right, I needed something more robust. Quickbooks Pro was my first purchase back in 2005. It was intuitive, easy to understand and use and didn't require the steep learning curve or accounting degree that it's competitors needed. Your books - quick. It was great!

    Over the years I've upgraded and now I've been running Premier (currently in Retail mode). Quickbooks takes the guesswork out of accounting. With its online community help, robust "how to" dialogues and videos, you really have to make up you mind to NOT pay attention to make a mistake with all the learning tools available!

    Ultimately, Quickbooks allows ME to handle my accounting needs until I NEED an accountant. Simple, effective - and inexpensive. Sure, go ahead and pay an accountant to balance your checkbooks. Or, take what you would pay the average accountant in ONE MONTH and buy Quickbooks and do the bulk of it yourself. You won't regret it.
  • gdodge - transformer surpasses my tablet needsGreat tablet. The battery life is outstanding, processing speed is faster than my old desktop. I use the tablet instead of my work laptop for traveling and its great.
  • Carolyn Hall - Very good bookI bought the first book as an ebook for my kindle but since then I have purchased others from earlier edition, plus the latest edition. I found that I want these books in paper version so that I can easily look up different foods. Have found that I refer back to book almost daily since I am on weight watchers!