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  • Ginnie L. Olson "yummygin" - Adore it!!I'm an avid reader, consuming several books a week. The books piling up has always been such a bother to me, giving them away, keeping them and storing them, selling them, is such a hassle! With Kindle all those woes are Gone Gone GONE! I got mine as a christmas gift, on Christmas Day showing off my new toy to all my family, it was extreamly easy to set up, just TURN it ON! the first time you order, its just easier to Order online because you have to set up your account, but you can do it without if you must. I also like to order my books online, because its faster, and I can set up the options of the books I'm looking for easier, but again, you can do all this from your kindle! I've bought several books, reviewed magazines and papers, sampled new authors, read FREE books, I'm having sooooooo much Fun with my Kindle! its way easier then holding a big hard cover book, I have no problem with turning pages, I take it with me everywhere, my greatest fear is someone might steal it, I watch my kindle like its made of diamonds!
    I love it!
    Best gift I have ever recieved.
  • jeanne - Glad I picked this one!!Perfect size, portable and movies play and sound amazing! This tablet may not have tons of bells and whistles but that is not what I wanted it for. I love movies and when I can't sleep at night I reach for this and find a favorite movie, place it(in its case) on my chest and kick back in my recliner and usually end up falling asleep! I just love my Kindle Fire HD!! Thanks Amazon!! :)