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  • T.D. Orr "Dano" - I have worked in computer security for over 25 years and this is a great productI have worked in computer security for over 25 years and this is a great product. McAfee does it all. This product with web protection goes the next step especially if those who have teenagers. Filtering, virus protection and many other capabilities in my opinion makes this the best security product for home use on the market. Way too many people do not use firewalls and virus protection and that is a bad thing. The other thing that is really bad is the "click to make it go away user". Too many people just want warnings to go away so if given the choice of Yes or no they choose yes.
  • Ashley Lang - Love it!I am a physician assistant student and this little book is quite handy to have around. I love that everything is alphabetized so that you don't even have to look up where a drug is in the index if you don't want to. So far it has has about 95% of the drugs I try to look up. It includes indications, adult and pediatric doses, contraindications, black box warnings, and even side effects. This has helped me out tremendously during my didactic studies and I am sure it will be even more helpful once I start clinicals in a few weeks.
  • GiaMarie - YOU HAVE TO SHAVE YOUR FACE! Just used my Flash&Go for the first time.I don't see many people making mention of one of the biggest issues that freaked me out: YOU HAVE TO SHAVE YOUR FACE BEFORE YOU USE IT. Well, you have to shave wherever you use it but the face part made me think twice about buying it. I mean, what if I shave my face, it doesn't work and I end up with horrible man-stubble?? Why can't I just leave the hair long and zap it?? Well, if you leave it long it will hurt a whole lot more and will only zap the hair that has grown outside of your skin. Also there is a risk of the hair burning and then burning your skin. I was freaked out but it wasn't as bad as I thought. You can tell that the hair is pretty much burned out of your follicle after the first use. It was very easy to use and you will quickly decide to zap all sorts of places. I did my chin and mustache area first. Didn't really feel much. The most I felt was a sudden warm sensation. Not a big deal at all! However, when I did my armpits it felt like a rubber-band snap each time!! Omg, lol. It wasn't enough to make me cry or anything but it was enough to make me laugh and wince. Did my stomach too. THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION DOES NOT IN ANYWAY CONDONE MY ACTIONS: Ok...so you're not supposed to use it on your eyebrows. There are warning's all over it. But my eyes kept wandering up to the spot between my eyebrows.. The flash is bright no matter where you use it and my lip is pretty close to my eyes, right? Well, I gave it a zap. Turns out the laser head is a bit too wide and I am hoping that the inside of my left eyebrow grows back....ROFL It's the truth!! Don't do it! It isn't safe and you may destroy your eyebrows! I was left with a good half an inch of curly burned brow! So, it feels like it is really going to work to get rid of the ugly hair that has been plaguing me. You can just tell. Feels like a quality piece of machinery too. Oh, I am a 100% Italian with pale skin and black hair that is rapidly turning gray. I'm olivey but pretty pale and it seems to work just fine. Good luck everyone!

    UPDATE! 6/2/2013 Ok, so here we are almost 4 months later. The device works great! I used it mostly around my chin and lip area and I rarely have to use it anymore. Maybe once a month? The hairs are just not there. Occasionally a few brave hairs will pop up but they are much thinner and sadder than before. You can pretty much pull them out by hand. I have gotten lazy and have pretty much stopped zapping at this point. I started out using it every week and have tapered off in the last 2 months or so. I also stopped using it on my armpits. The 2 months that I treated them resulted in a much finer growth. Lets me shave much closer than before. I am a sissy and it just hurts too much for me there! Lol. Also, I have a stubborn hair in a small mole on my chin that seems to defy the machine completely! It's growth has slowed about 70% though. I am still using the first cartridge, too! Next I may start on my legs. Overall I am very happy with my results! After it starts to work you quickly forget how awful it was having to deal with that hair nightmare! So glad that it's over :)
  • Nelaine Sanchez "All About {n}" - This book was aaahhhhmazing!Still Missing is about a young woman named Annie O'Sullivan. She's 32, a real estate agent, has a patient and loving boyfriend, lives in her dream house with her dog Emma. Things are looking up for her at work since she is in the running for head realtor of a big condo complex. Her biggest worries are when her mother plans on returning her cappuccino maker, arriving on time for dinner with the boyfriend and selling the property that she is hosting an open house for. At the end of her day when her last visitor pulls up in a van as she's about to leave, Annie thinks it just might be her lucky day after all. She was wrong.

    Told through her sessions with her psychiatrist you learn of Annie's year-long captivity with a sadistic psychopath in a remote cabin somewhere up in the mountains. Through these same sessions you also learn of her struggle as she tries to pick up the pieces of her life and put them back together again, regain her shattered spirit, and the ongoing police investigation to identify her captor.


    This isn't the type of book that you say you love because it's about such a disturbing and scary subject, but it is definitely one that you cannot put down. I literally lost sleep in order to read this book (and no, I'm not complaining). Ms. Stevens does a phenomenal job in not only telling you Annie's story, but making you live it with her. There were times where I was hearing her talk and I listened as her therapist while other times I felt as if I were Annie herself.

    This book isn't always easy to read and I will forewarn that Annie is physically, mentally and sexually abused. But I must also say that I think it is told in a matter where it isn't offensive, overly graphic nor crude.

    Overall, this was a very good novel (if unsettling). It will break your heart countless times (yes, I did cry more than once), but I must admit it is one of the best thrillers I've ever read. Chevy Stevens is one author that I will definitely have an eye out for. I can't wait to see what she comes out with next.

    This book was provided for review by St. Martin's Press.