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  • Saved! - Wow...this is crazy but it worked!!I have a missing front fang....i got a crown started over a year ago and got the root canal and my tooth hollowed out and lost my job and dental insurance and couldnt afford the crown. Eventually my tooth completely broke off. I have been two mnths with no front fang and have been mortified! I have an executive job and deal with alot of people and missing a tooth is not a good look. I came across this product and figured id give it a try for the price. I just ordered it Wednesday and it came today, friday. I spent ten minutes in the bathroom at work and have the PERFECT TOOTH. i dont think even a crown could look better! This is crazy but it works. If i can post pics here i will, otherwise i will post them kn temp tooth site...its my right front fang. If you are deperat...dont waste a mo,ent. Wish i got this two months ago...
  • Steven D. Ahlquist "atomicsteve" - It's the Beginning, not the End, of the DebateSam Harris has written a simple, yet extraordinarily powerful book about the "science of morality" and it is quite a revelation. He cuts through the cloudy thinking of religion and relativism to get at the heart of the problem: How do we as human beings maximize our well being?

    Harris provides no hard and fast answers, he is attempting to lay the foundations here. He is not, like Moses, stumbling off Mt. Sinai with stone tablets emblazoned with the "truth," he is merely sketching out how we might orient ourselves to best tackle the mountain ourselves.

    Refreshing and brilliant.
  • David A. Hopkins - Alaska's venture guideThis is the guide I require before heading north to the Yukon and onto Alaska, without it I wouldn't know exactly what to expect without it, Milepost will help me get there and back without wasting time checking whether a campground is going to be open or where the next fuel stop can be plannede.
  • J. P. Rodrigo - Reasonably pricedI was super excited and waited anxiously for this product. Once my husband put it together and the bike mounted on it, it's been used on a regular basis ever since. It is a little loud but just turn the volume up when you're watching tv. Other than that, for the price, it's great! It's really not as loud as some of the comments would lead you to believe. Just try it.
  • Michelle - life changingI was looking for a way to spice up my marriage, to give my husband that spruce up of sexiness I always wished he had. I wanted to feel all eyes of desiring women on him when we went to places like Walmart or the dollar store. But nothing I tried gave him that "king of the trailer park" feel that I craved. Nothing, that is, until I found this shirt.

    The three wolves symbolize the carnal desire of the beast inside of him. When he walks into Walmart now, shirt tightly fitting his sexy beer gut, slightly sweaty pits and that hair that screams I haven't washed it in three days because men of wolves dont need to bathe, I know all eyes are on me for being the lucky woman who is with him. I see the women in there glitter sweat suits eyeing him, with their cheap box color hair and fake nails, running their hands across their large butts and then smelling their fingers seductively. They are trying to entice him, but I know that this man beast is all mine.

    Only I get to take him home, open a beer for him, have our wild three minute love making and listen to him snore in the chair while I clean up and smoke that oh so satisfying cigarette. Thank you wolf shirt for bringing the spark back into my marriage. It truly changed my life.