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Country: Europe, UA, Ukraine

  • Robert H. Braswell - A Better World or Hell on EarthThis is a well written book by an author with an outstanding international reputation. The condition of the earth and human culture today is at a critical crossroad. Conditions may either get better for most of the people on the planet or they may become so bad that human life here may be destroyed.

    This book should receive world wide publicity with encouragement for as many people as possible to read it. Then we need to insist that our leaders begin immediately to take steps to choose the best action for the welfare of all humans and our planet.
  • Kathleen Allen-greim "curiouser" - Significantly reduced painful bloatingI was having severe abdominal bloating which was very painful and worrisome--it was a new experience for me. A gastroenterolgist suggested I take this for 3-4 months. He suspected a powerful antiobiotic I took several months prior may have stripped my intestines of important bacteria.

    Buying Align online was far cheaper ($28.99 vs $35)than at a local store. I've been on it for two months. I noticed an improvement within the first 7-10 days. I rarely have the bloating now. I'll find out at my follow-up doctor appointment how long I should continue to take it. I may be afraid to stop! Align certainly seemed to work for me.
  • M. Oleson - OK, I'll jump on the bandwagon tooOne of the great things about owning Ms. Adu's concerts is that when played on a decent surround system, the music comes across loud and clear. While Sade and her bandmates obviously deliver, some credit must go to director Sophie Muller and her crew. They avoid the quick edits so often used these days and sometimes garish lighting. Instead she blends the soft lighting and focuses on whoever is the lead at the time.

    Mostly that's Sade of course. Her music is always driven by a thumping bass note throughout, delivered by the great Paul S. Denman. Equally adept at sax or lead guitar, Stuart Matthewman is also worth highlighting. In fact this entire ensemble is worthy of individual recognition. They are tight!

    Sade goes through several fashion changes before hitting the slinky white cocktail dress followed by one in red. Her bare feet are the perfect footwear for these dresses. Early on Sade dons a pantsuit with her hair tied up. The music is what it's all about and she delivers. With a nice mix of classics and newer material I was especially taken with "Love is Found," an upbeat song with slashing guitars. Sade looks and sounds as good as ever. I never get tired of her.

    The Blu ray disc is as close as you'll get to being there. The video is presented in 1080p with a 1.78:1 aspect ratio. The concert looks very good especially given the limited lighting. Close ups are excellent with fine detail. The audio is the thing here. The availability of DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 is a big improvement over the Dolby Digital 5.1 option. Also, there is an lossless PCM in old fashion stereo for those who like that option. Most of the action is in the main speakers with the surrounds picking up on the audience and some reflective atmospherics. Hopefully you have a subwoofer or two connected to get the full effect of Denman's bass work, occasionally as a lead instrument.
  • Blindmikey - Great OS. Don't be fooled by the negative nancys.Seriously. I'm a seasoned web developer. Everything I was able to do on Windows 7, I can do on Windows 8 + more.

    The start menu has been replaced by the start screen (the tiles) which revitalizes the originally intended functionality: get to what you need, fast.

    - The OS is blazing fast compared to Windows 7.
    - I still have 100% the desktop functionality I was used to in Windows 7; and it's improved.
    - I can still open files with the programs I choose.
    - ctrl-shift-esc still brings up the task manager - but it's 10x better. More detailed, easier on the eyes, better information hierarchy, more options.
    - I can pin programs to the start-bar just like I did in Windows 7.
    - I've got the start-bar search no matter where I am ( now called the search charm ) and it's contextual.
    - I can run more software than I could in Windows 7. Windows 8 has better plug-n-play support; utilizes touch input for screens that support it; runs any program Windows 7 could run and is compatible with Windows 8 'apps'.

    Small learning curve, but *very* intuitive after that; I've caught myself swiping down on my android device in attempt to close an app!

    5/5. Can't wait to see what Microsoft comes up with next.