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  • Jack Terry - So much more than a command refferenceI picked up the book to find out what's new in 2011 but was pleasantly surprised to find not just that but really great insights about how and when to use the overwhelming number of commands and features of AutoCAD.

    This book is unique because she goes out of her way to tell you what the stuff is good for in the process of describing the mechanics of how to do it. In my case I'd been struggling to understand the use of Named Plot Styles and - bingo - the light came on from a single sentence you can find on Pg 516 at the end of the paragraph under the heading "Named Plot Styles" near the top of the page.

    While Named Plot Styles probably aren't for everyone they solve a particular problem I have in my practice and that is as an Electrical Engineer I am more often than not working over another Engineers' or Architects' drawing which I typically screen to about 40%. Try that with .ctbs' when trying to screen a base drawing that may have hundreds of layers and almost everything in it is a multi level block of some kind!

    I have also enjoyed her many other insights throughout the rest of the book - it's SO MUCH more than a command reference - but it's that to.

    Jack Terry, PE
    ELECTRO Tech Engineering, Inc.
  • dd - My gastroenterologist recommends thisMy GI doctor says this is the only probiotic that has been medically studied as effective. It works to calm my GI tract.
  • Wendy De Casas - BEST OUT THERE !Best product ever !i try so many different things for my face and nothing ever work am 31yrs old and my face has never look so clear and beautiful a can walk around without make up now ,I love it !i being using it for a whole year and I'm in love now my sister in law and her brother are hook on it .The Best !
  • OneFish - SodaStream is awesome!I love this product. I've been using it for over a year now and it is excellent!

    There's no batteries, no cords, plus if you take the CO2 canister to BB&B they nock $5 off your new one. I've gone through 4 cartridges in a year and my husband drinks a disgusting amount of soda. No more lugging cans up 3 flights of stairs!!

    I have a couple of suggestions. There's 3 sizes of bottles-small, medium, and large. The medium bottles hold more carbonation than the large ones.
    Also, for those of you who want Coke and Pepsi, get a Sams Club membership. They sell huge bags of syrup online. I just poured it into a gallon jug and put it in the cabinet.

    I'll also tell you that this thing is great for making jaggerbombs. The "red bull" syrup totally works. Plus I'm in school, so, yeah the energy syrup does the trick.

    I highly recommend this product. My favorite syrup is diet orange btw. It's awesome.