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  • John D. Munger "redhotjohnny" - calories aren't realThis review is in response to the review which is knocking the book based on the fact that the diet is not very caloric. Allow me to quote the book when Haylie says calories aren't real. Allow me to cite her explanation. Calories in food are determined by measuring the energy it takes to burn the food in question to ash. It is a GROSS OVERSIMPLIFICATION to equate what the body does with food to burning it in a calorimetry experiment. We get energy via chemical reactions which are not combustion reactions to be specific. There are thousands of chemical processes the happen during digestion. One of her main points is that I might not get the same amount of energy from eating that same food as you - hence the word metabolism. She is trying to make your metabolism work and she strategically finesses your body into doing its job - calories have no place in the explanation because the nature of her explanation is telling you what foods are doing what for the five major players of the metabolism - adrenals,pituitary,thyroid,liver,white and brown fat. The metabolism as she explains is essentially a balancing act of unwinding, unlocking, and unleashing. The phases prime your body in just the right way so that your phase specific exercises burn fat.
    If a open minded person reads this book they will obtain the overall message and scientific information presented and they will realize that the main idea behind the book is that feeling like you are starving probably means you should eat more to calm those adrenals. I have been on this diet for 3 days and have already lost 4 pounds - that puts me at 154(I am not close to obese but definitely 20lbs overweight). I have been eating as suggest every 3 to 4 hours and yesterday I ended up eating 8 times because I had a long night of homework. In the morning I was one pound lighter despite the fact that I probably ate around 2000 calories. Calories aren't real.
    She presents the information in a way I know must be hard for people who have been chronic dieters. Why? Because she introduces a paradigm shift. If you are invested in the idea of calories or no carbs this will be challenging. My advice for those who are going into this with alot of dieting knowledge is to empty your cup. You can't drink the beverage she is pouring if your cup is full. Write what you think you know in a journal before you read the book and leave that journal in your desk drawer until after you read the book. Empty your cup. Calories aren't real.
  • Susie Murray - homework helperBefore purchasing this reference I looked at all the reviews,the one review really sold me. Like me, he was a pharm tech student and said that this book really helped him with his homework. I needed to make drug cards and this book was perfect. It's just the right size to slip in the backpack and contains alot of drug information. I would definitely recommend this book.
  • Debbie "Debbie" - Excellent little machineFor Christmas I wanted a tassimo or CBTL machine. I went to BBB with my daughter to pick one out and saw this little baby. We put it to use immediately and have made a ton of different lattes. Its super easy just put in your milk your flavorings add you expresso and hit go...its that easy!! Clean up is easy as well...sometimes if making several lattes there is a little heated up milk that you have to scrub from the bottom of the pot but if you put water in it to soak it right after use clean up is a breeze. I am so glad I got this machine so I won't be havng to buy discs or k cups.
  • Dian Black - Kindle FireI love, love, love my Kindle Fire. It is the best purchase I have ever made. I love that I can put it in my purse and read a book any where that I am (especially in some of those long lines) I have downloaded books for my grandchildren too and it is great when we are traveling to keep them entertained. There are so many free apps that are educational. I would recommend this to anyone. I used to steal my husbands Kindle and he got tired of that and got one for me. Good decision...lol