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  • Sezzwho - FAS interest group campaigners should READ the book!I think School of Smock's review on the book nailed how I feel about it. I actually thought the author to be more conservative than I expected based on the pre-release hype. But I really liked that she did not throw a hard-and-fast number at you. She reviewed the studies and picked out the scientific flaws (which she is definitely qualified to do given her background). She relayed what she chose to do in her pregnancy... but she allows the reader to draw their own conclusion given the scientific evidence.

    I really think it's appalling that these negative reviews are coming from a politically motivated campaign. It really seems to me when I read them that the reviewer has NOT read the book. And stating "this author is WRONG and DANGEROUS because STUDIES SAY ALCOHOL IS BAD" is not an acceptable response to me. Which studies are you specifically referring to? The same ones the author talks about in depth? Where she points out glaring scientific flaws? Like the most-cited study where 45% of women were COCAINE users? Just because you have strong feelings on the issue does not make the study any less flawed. Stick to the facts here. Ms. Oster is not sanctioning heavy drinking. Definitely not binge drinking. She is simply stating that studies have shown no evidence of harm from drinking one to two drinks a week. And she specifically makes a point to stress that what's really important to the safety of the child is the SPEED at which alcohol is consumed. Food for thought. And something that I (as basically a non-drinker) had not even considered.

    I really enjoyed this book. And I think there are other reviews than mine that better state why. I just felt like I needed to counter all of these negative reviews from people who 1) have not read the book, or 2) are politically/religiously motivated.
  • Dr.A - First Aid Usmle Step 1 2012Amazing book
    Almost the same content as the 2011 book, but the new book has the images integrated with the text which is very helpful and better for fast reading and the new book has a new great look.
    I like the book and recommend it for all medical students.
  • Reuby "Easy Listener" - Great Resource but Very TechnicalI'm a big fan of Mr. Yau's Flowing Data blog and purchased this book as soon as it came out. There is no doubt in his knowledge and understanding of visualization and this is a great resource for those actually creating visualizations. I myself am not a programmer and so a lot of the jargon and code suggestions are not really relevant to what I'm looking for. This should absolutely not detract from Mr. Yau's book, if you want to learn how to create visualizations, then this is the book for you. I just think there may be an opportunity for another volume.
  • NYReader - VERY, VERY ImpressedI had a mole on my arm that I was thinking about having surgically removed. In researching mole removal on the internet, I found Dermatend. I was skeptical but figured I had nothing to lose because the money-back guarantee is so strong and I could buy it through Amazon with a credit card. I received it a few days after ordering and followed the instructions exactly. Within three days the mole turned into a scab. About a week or so from that point, the scab came off and you'd never know a mole had been there. There is some very minor scarring that looks like it will heal but my skin is perfectly smooth and I'm sure it's far less of a scar than there would have been from surgery. Bottom line is that this stuff is amazing!!! I have no connection with the company except that I'm a very impressed customer.