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  • marckr - Good sound for this price rangeI have been using this device for a day now. Bought it for the kitchen to complete my Airplay setup through the whole home. The sound quality is beyond my expectation given the price (USD109). After reading some of the reviews I had prepared for a painful setup, but it was actually quite easy and I had it up and running in 2 mins.

    In my living room I have my Apple TV 2 connected to my hifi set through a DAC. I use the Airplay as the most common day-to-day source for my music (and only switch back to CD's when audio quality needs to be higher). I have been using Airplay (or Airtunes as it was called before) since 2005. The main problem of the technology has always been the dropping of stream. My Apple TV drops way too frequent (for now I keep my wifi signal responsible), but the Philips device does not drop at all when connected with my iPhone 4 using iOS 5. It does drop a bit when I control the volume when connected with my iPad using iOS 6. To me this seems related to the Apple devices. All devices are connected to the same Wifi AP.

    In short, good:
    - Good sound
    - Easy setup
    - Airplay connection within expectation
    - USB charging and playing from USB works fine
    - Direct analogue input works fine
    In short, not so good:
    - Could not find app to control the equalizer, perhaps does not exist in all App stores
    - External power source is larger than average
  • sonibill - You will only have buyers remorse while it is being shipped...Went back and forth for about 4 months trying to decide to buy a mini or wait or buy a nook or wait or buy a kindle or so on... there are just so many tablets to choose from. Went ahead and invested in a 64gb model which I wouldn't normally do. Happy I did. The ipad goes with me everywhere and consolidates everything I need to do on my laptop as well as providing me much needed entertainment/productivity while I am on contract living in American Samoa. Yes, it can get boring here on the island and the iPad mini lets me read the news, ponder books, study topics, communicate, and basically feel connected to everywhere else in the world. Did I have buyers remorse? Only during the 2 weeks I had to wait for it to get here to the island---now I'm trying to think of a reason to get a black one too. :)
  • MB "MB" - Goes great with a stick in a box!My wife and I share the same birthday, so we always like to exchange gifts like a mini-Christmas. I got her my stick in a box. It wasn't really a stick. I can't say what it really was, but I think you know. Anyway, when I unwrapped the binders of women I was a little worried it would turn into an O. Henry story with the two gifts canceling each other out. Oh Nelly, let me tell you, a binder of women, a stick in a box, 3 rings, and a 2 inch EZ turn ring is perfect! Did I mention EZ-turn ring??!!! UPDATE: the EZ Turn ring turned out to cause problems. If you do get it, I advise also getting this: 3Pc Nurse Outfit With Stethoscope And Head Piece
  • J. Goforth "moviefan" - The Ending was worth the read.It was the ending that I found satisfying. The thinking of the characters involved in this threat of overpopulation problem was - well, her I go repeating myself - brilliant. Overpopulation is more of a threat than I realized and since I doubt the human race is sufficiently evolved enough to impose self limitations, the solution(s) in the book may actually come about. I have enjoyed Dan Brown since his first book and guess I will enjoy others.